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Let's help close the gap - Mid Year Appeal

It’s not easy dealing with a breast cancer diagnoses. And when you add exhausting travel, separation from family and additional costs just to get to medical treatment, it can leave regional and remote Australians a step behind their city counterparts.

Living in a regional or remote area has been associated with poorer survival outcomes if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, due to:

  • The burden of travel – distance, cost and disruption to normal life
  • Lack of specialist breast and reconstructive surgeons
  • Reduced access to treatment options and clinical trials
  • Feeling alone and isolated – minimal support

What BCNA is doing to support all women and men living with breast cancer: 

  • Calling for more breast care nurses in regional and remote areas.
  • Providing access to the latest information to ensure those in regional and remote areas can make the treatment decisions that are right for them.
  • Connecting women and men across the country through an Online Network.
  • Providing a telephone Helpline staffed by cancer nurses.
  • Hosting webcasts that can be accessed across Australia.

We hope that with your support we can work towards closing the gap of disadvantage faced by women and men in regional and remote Australia.

Please make a generous tax-deductible donation to BCNA to help ensure all Australians are supported through their breast cancer experience no matter where they live.

How your donation can help:

  • $110 will help run BCNA’s 24/7 online support network, so people with breast cancer always have someone to talk to, day or night
  • $215 will help BCNA push for change and reduce the out-of-pocket costs for Australians with breast cancer
  • $325 will help BCNA to reach women and men with breast cancer in regional and remote locations – who may be feeling alone and isolated – and connect them to support through webcasts and podcast
  • $435 will help BCNA ensure Australians diagnosed with breast cancer have access to up-to-date information that relates to their own circumstances