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Revitalise with BCNA

Developed by BCNA and Fernwood Fitness, Revitalise with BCNA is a six-week online program designed to help women diagnosed with breast cancer stay active and well.

Please note: You do not need to live near a Fernwood or have access to a gym to complete the Revitalise with BCNA program.

For $87, you get:

  • One free month membership at your local Fernwood (you do not need to have access to a Fernwood to complete this program)
  • Weekly exercise and nutrition plans - designed for people who have breast cancer - view an example exercise program here
  • Shopping lists - to organise your groceries for the week - see example shopping lists and meal plans here
  • Access to more than 400 recipes - see example recipes here
  • Mindset journal - to track your journey; your weight, mood and thoughts
  • Videos and images of more than 300 exercises - learn how to workout safely and effectively in your own space -
  • Can we link or includes these somewhere on this page to a new page with examples of these?
  • Exclusive health and wellbeing articles - to inspire you to live well, covering women’s stories, exercise, nutrition, mindset, mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Access to our 24/7 online community - connect with other program participants

All in a six week program available online to access at anytime. 


Why Revitalise with BCNA?

Research shows that participating in regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet after breast cancer treatment can help improve:

  • body weight;
  • muscular strength;
  • confidence;
  • mood, depression and anxiety;
  • the physical side effects of breast cancer treatment, such as fatigue, pain, lymphoedema and lowered bone density;
  • quality of live
  • overall wellbeing

There is also strong evidence that targeted regular exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back.

This online program is designed for women who have completed their active (in hospital) treatment for breast cancer. You do not need access to a gym to sign up, but can have access to a free month’s membership at a local Fernwood club. Medical clearance is recommended to participate in this program.

Revitalise with BCNA provides customised advice from breast cancer experts on goal setting, motivation, healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness and meditation. The program costs $87, which is donated directly to BCNA, and includes a free month’s membership at your local Fernwood. 

We also know it is important to have fun and feel supported while you're building healthy habits for life!

Revitalise with BCNA will be with you every step of the way to ensure your journey with the program is successful. The program provides you with weekly meal plans, with recipes and shopping lists as well as weekly exercise programs with detailed instructions and photographs or videos on how to perform the exercises. 


What other women say about Revitalise


I thoroughly enjoyed the six weeks of the Revitalise program. The combination of online support through BCNA and being able to exercise at Fernwood through the four week free membership really helped with my focus and staying on track. My energy levels increased and it helped with the fatigue after radiation treatment.

I would definitely recommend Revitalise with BCNA. I would say to other women 'do it', you're surrounded by women who have been through what you have and you have so much support along the way! - Johnann, breast cancer survivor

I'm 3 weeks post active treatment and am finding this program is certainly helping me feel much stronger. My motivation button now works and today's walk was in the rain...and I loved it! – Revitalise participant.

Read other women’s stories and find out more about Revitalise

You can sign up online now.