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Living with breast cancer

After a diagnosis, it’s quite normal to find yourself thinking carefully about your health, your body and your spirit. Try to give yourself time to work through these issues on your own terms. Ultimately, looking after your emotional and physical health can help keep you energised and focused as you complete your treatment.

How you feel about yourself

Breast cancer and its treatments can affect how you feel about yourself, and your sexuality. They can also affect how you feel about your friendships and relationships. With the right information and support, however, you can strengthen your bond with those closest to you.

Many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer find that they want to re-evaluate some of their relationships and reassess the people that they spend time with. Others are happy to leave things just as they are. On a practical level, you’ll find that there are going to be a lot of things to juggle. From finances and insurance through to making choices about paid employment, there are likely to be lots of changes heading your way. If you live in a rural or remote part of Australia, there may be additional challenges for you to consider around access to resources, travelling for treatment, and spending time away from home.

More information

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