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Become a Consumer Representative

Consumer Representatives

Consumer Representatives are part of our internationally recognised Seat at the Table program. They represent BCNA in a wide range of forums including national, state and local committees, working parties and conferences. They also provide critical reviews of resources being developed for women with breast cancer.

Who do Consumer Representatives represent?

BCNA’s Consumer Representatives are trained to represent the broad views of Australians affected by breast cancer. Our Consumer Representatives do not simply express personal opinions. Instead, they speak for a defined, wider group of consumers.

Trained and supported

Our Consumer Representatives have completed BCNA's Science & Advocacy Training Program. They have strong communication skills, knowledge of breast cancer issues and the ability to reflect the needs, viewpoints and concerns of Australians affected by breast cancer. Our Consumer Representatives are supported by the BCNA Policy Team and report back to BCNA on their involvement.

BCNA Consumer Representatives can contribute in many ways, including:

  • providing input on funding applications
  • advising on project methodologies and results
  • assisting with information statements and consent documentation
  • assisting with clinical trial recruitment.
  • disseminating research findings

Women who are currently trained as Community Liaisons may be invited to participate in further training to become BCNA Consumer Representatives.

For more information, please complete an Application Form and email it to