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Become a Community Liaison

Become a Community Liaison

Community Liaisons speak about their personal experience with breast cancer and represent BCNA in their local communities. Activities may include:

  • speaking at a community fundraising event
  • being the face of a local media story
  • staffing a BCNA information table
  • visiting our sponsors to let them know how much we appreciate their support
  • liaising with local health professionals. 

These activities will usually occur during the week, so spare time is useful to ensure your involvement. Community Liaisons are also required to provide feedback about their involvement to the Community Programs team.

'I find it rewarding being a Community Liaison. Raising awareness of breast cancer in my community is important to me. I'm now connected with an amazing network of women around Australia who I met during the training - it's inspiring meeting others who want to give back as much as they can. BCNA has also been great in providing support when I've needed help preparing for an activity.'

Trained and supported by BCNA

To represent BCNA effectively, and feel confident in their role, a two-day training program is offered to help Community Liaisons understand BCNA and how best to present their story. Ongoing support is provided by the Community Programs team to keep Community Liaisons up-to-date and help them prepare for various activities.

  • To read more about the Community Liaison role download the BCNA Community Liaison role description.
  • To provide feedback to BCNA on your activities, please complete the Community Liaison feedback form.