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Frequently Asked Questions

How does workplace giving work?

For employees
Employees can contribute a small amount of their pre-tax salary to BCNA to make a big difference. They can give as much or as little as they like, and because the donations are pre-tax, they will receive the tax benefit immediately, rather than having to wait until the end of the financial year.
For example, if an employee donates $10 per fortnightly pay cycle, depending on their salary, it may only cost them $6.75, but BCNA will receive the full $10. Their employer may choose to match their donation, and their impact will be doubled.

For employers
Workplace Giving programs allow employers to actively engage with their employees and make positive community contributions. Organisations engaged with Workplace Giving programs find them an ideal corporate social responsibility channel and eeasy to set up and manage through the regular payroll system.
Many large organisations choose to work with a third-party workplace giving platform. These online platforms can assist you in setting up your organisation’s workplace giving program. They simplify the process for your organisation’s Payroll team and can help to manage your program on an ongoing basis. Currently BCNA has a presence on Good2Give, GoodCompany, Givar and Benevity.

What are the benefits of workplace giving?

There are endless benefits related to workplace giving but here are a few of the major ones.

  • It’s convenient - workplace giving eliminates the need for employees to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax refund. Also, once workplace giving is set up, the employee doesn’t need to do a thing.
  • It’s cost effective - donating from pre-tax income means donations cost employees less, while charities like BCNA receive the full benefit of the donation.
  • It’s collaborative - workplace giving is unique in its ability to bring together employees, employers and the charities they choose to support. When employees and employers combine their donations, workplace giving is living proof that small change can make a big difference and deliver significant benefits to the community.
  • You’ll receive a special BCNA workplace giving pin to wear with pride, knowing you are making a difference to those affected by breast cancer.
  • BCNA will share regular email updates with you so you can be informed about impact you are making.


What impact will my regular workplace giving donations make?

Your contributions will make a big difference by helping BCNA to provide information, support and a voice for all Australians affected by breast cancer. This includes supporting our helpline which takes over 12,000 calls a year, helping BCNA to provide updated and tailored information to those diagnosed via the My Journey App, supporting BCNA’s online network where those affected can connect with peers on a similar journey, and helping BCNA advocate for reduced breast reconstruction waiting times, which have increased as a result of COVID-19.


How can I work out how much my donation will cost me?

Because your donation comes from your pre-tax salary, your taxable income is reduced. The amount the donation costs you will depend on your salary. You may find this donation tax calculator useful.


How do I join/set up workplace giving?

  1. Find out if your organisation has a workplace giving program in place.
  2. If they do, sign up to the program and nominate BCNA as the recipient and choose your regular donation amount.
  3. Your employer will then make these donations to BCNA on your behalf.
  4. If your organisation doesn’t have a workplace giving program, now is the perfect time to suggest this as part of your organisation’s corporate social responsibility program. Contact your Payroll manager and ask for one to be established and for BCNA to be nominated as a charity partner. If required, BCNA can put your organisation in touch with one of its approved workplace giving platforms who can simplify the process and work directly with your organisation to build a program that meets its objectives.


What can I do to help my organisation set up a workplace giving program?

It may be worthwhile getting in touch with one of the several workplace giving platforms that can assist your organisation in setting up their workplace giving program. These platforms can simplify the process for your organisation’s Payroll team. Currently BCNA has a presence on Good2Give, GoodCompany, Givar and Benevity.


Where can I access BCNA workplace giving materials for my workplace?

BCNA has developed a range of downloadable materials including guides and posters, designed for sharing within the workplace. You can find them here.


Why do organisations match employee workplace giving donations? What’s in it for them?

Not only does organisational matching incentivise employees to donate, but it also means the organisation’s contributions will have double the impact. Employee matching highlights an organisation’s commitment to supporting BCNA, to help ensure nobody has to go through breast cancer alone. Workplace giving programs can be an invaluable opportunity to forge firm community partnerships and achieve new levels of corporate social responsibility. You may wish to share BCNA’s Employer Guide with your employer should they need more information about BCNA’s workplace giving program.


My organisation is not registered with a WPG platform. Can they donate directly to BCNA on my behalf?

Yes, of course. Many organisations choose to deposit their employees’ donations directly into BCNA’s bank account. BCNA’s bank account details are as follows:
Account name: BCNA Public Fund
BSB: 083 004
Account number: 532 142 990
Please include your organisation’s name and ‘WPG’ as a reference.
If your organisation chooses to donate directly to BCNA, please get in touch with BCNA’s workplace giving team at and provide a contact so we can send regular updates that can be shared with your employees.


What are some other ways I can get my workplace involved in supporting BCNA?

  • Encourage your work colleagues to support BCNA through workplace giving.
  • Speak to your employer about matching your workplace giving donations.
  • Wear your BCNA workplace giving pin to show off your good work and generosity. Wearing your pin will also generate awareness for the program.
  • Chat to your HR team or workplace giving manager about sharing BCNA workplace giving material in your workplace. 
  • Participate in or host a BCNA event with your work colleagues.


Will giving through my payroll affect my superannuation?

No, workplace giving will not affect an employee’s superannuation and payroll tax calculations like salary sacrificing. Workplace giving reduces the donor’s PAYG liability but it does not decrease their gross income.


Is it difficult to keep track of my workplace giving donations?

No. Workplace giving eliminates the need for employees to keep records of charitable donations and guarantees they receive the tax benefits of donating each pay.


What happens if I change jobs?

If you move to another organisation, you’ll need to set up your donation again with your new employer. We hope you’ll continue to support BCNA.

Where can I find more information about BCNA and workplace giving?

You can phone BCNA on 1800 500 258 or email to learn more.