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Christmas Appeal

Donate to BCNA's Christmas Appeal


Christmas can feel lonely when you have cancer. With your help, Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) can help families affected by breast cancer feel less alone by keeping our free My Journey online tool, Helpline and online network open over the Christmas period.

Libby Hill was 32 years old with a husband and two children under seven when she was diagnosed with breast cancer five days before Christmas. No doctors or surgeons were available in her area until the New Year, so she was expected to “celebrate” Christmas with her husband and young daughters, and wait.

Despite this, Libby tried her best to keep the joy of Christmas alive for her little girls. It was a struggle.

‘Crying in the shower became my regular release, but not even the bathroom is a safe hiding space from curious little girls who sense something’s not right.’

When worry about her diagnosis was keeping her up in the middle of the night, Libby would spend hours on BCNA’s online network, speaking with other women who’d been diagnosed with breast cancer asking them for treatment and support.

‘That’s where I found comfort,’ said Libby.

‘I even had BCNA contact me and offer your counselling service (usually only for metastatic patients) because of a post I’d put in on the online network.’

Libby went on to commence treatment after the Christmas break. Loved ones like Libby’s husband often have to stretch themselves between hospital, their work and looking after the kids. It’s exhausting mentally, emotionally and financially, and even the strongest relationships are tested.

‘It was my husband who was there when I was trying to shower with four surgical drains hanging from my body after my double mastectomy. He saw the ugliness of cancer when I was trying to convince others it was all fun headscarves and smoothie bowls.’

Our services don’t just help those diagnosed but their loved ones who walk the path beside them.

Your generosity makes it all possible.

How your donation can help:

  • $110 will help run BCNA’s online network to ensure anyone affected by breast cancer at Christmas time can access support.
  • $215 can help BCNA update the My Journey online tool to include more information and support for family and friends whose questions often keep them awake at night.
  • $325 will allow BCNA’s Helpline to be open over the Christmas period.

Your tax-deductible donation will ensure all Australians are supported through a breast cancer diagnosis.