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Help us to be there for all Australians facing breast cancer in the wake of COVID-19.

Support women like Madeleine and Allison.


“One of the most challenging times for me during COVID-19 was being in hospital. Visitor restrictions meant I couldn’t have my family and friends around me, and with three children, one with a disability, this was horrible. I was miserable.” - Madeleine

When Madeleine was diagnosed with breast cancer just before Australia’s first coronavirus outbreak in March, she had never heard the term ‘COVID-19’. None of us had, and yet for countless women and men, it changed everything.

We started to see an impact on breast cancer treatment and care, including delayed diagnosis, changes to treatment, surgery delays, limited access to allied health care and the need for more access to mental health services. Hospitals restricted visitors and feelings of fear, anxiety and loneliness were greater than ever.

We know the demand for BCNA’s services will increase as the backlog of medical care resumes. Donate now so we can ensure all Australians receive the very best care, treatment and support in 2021.

Madeleine’s breast cancer diagnosis came as a complete shock.

“I remember smiling, awaiting the all clear from the doctor. But as he told me I had breast cancer, my smile froze before it breathlessly slid away. Everything started to sound muffled, like I was under water.”

The mother-of-three had a bilateral mastectomy. But like so many others who have been forced to navigate a breast cancer diagnosis through this global pandemic, she was unable to have her planned breast reconstruction surgery due to the Government ban on elective surgeries.

“I was shocked and disappointed when I heard that reconstruction surgery wasn’t possible due to COVID-19.”

BCNA’s CEO Kirsten Pilatti says, “We have seen first-hand the impact of long delays in breast reconstruction surgery. We know that reconstruction delays have long-term physical and emotional impacts for women, their personal relationships and their self-esteem.”

For mother-of-two Allison, the delay to her double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction had a huge psychological impact.

“I was devastated and felt like I was back to square one with no answers and no plan. This pandemic has affected my treatment and taken a big toll on me emotionally. I was angry at COVID-19 and scared of what it meant for me and my family.” - Allison

Funds raised for BCNA are vital in helping us continue to support Australians affected by breast cancer.

Our Helpline is continuing to receive calls from people too scared to visit their GP, unable to access treatment and worried about their emotional wellbeing.

We are working hard to provide the information and support needed as we prepare to see advanced presentations of breast cancer due to the delays in diagnoses.

Please donate today so we can we can meet the growing need for our services and support everyone diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021.

Together we are stronger.