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2021 Tax Appeal

What if I am the one?

Help us support the 1 in 7 Australian women and 1 in 670 men at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

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“My heart sunk when I heard the news. I felt sick to my stomach. But it was Dad who took it the hardest. My family had seen what cancer had done to my Mum and they didn’t want to watch me go through the same thing.” - Stephanie, diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at age 22

Learning she had breast cancer, was that day in Stephanie’s life that she will never forget. Still coming to terms with the loss of her mother from the same cancer 10 years earlier, she harboured very real fears. What if she was the one, just like her Mum was? What if she was the one in seven women who would be diagnosed with breast cancer.

And then, at just 22 years old, it happened.

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) was there for Stephanie, just like we are for thousands of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, but nothing BCNA does – from our Helpline to the My Journey online tool – would be possible without the continued generous support of our network – you.

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Her mother’s death impacted Stephanie in a big way and when she was diagnosed herself feelings of fear and anxiousness were amplified for her family.

“My family feared the worst. They saw how cruel breast cancer can be. They saw how it had defeated my Mum, taking away her strength, energy and life. They weren’t prepared to watch it do the same to me.”

The night Stephanie was diagnosed, she Googled ‘what is triple negative breast cancer?’  She was struggling to find answers when she discovered BCNA and was able to learn exactly what breast cancer she had been diagnosed with, what chemotherapy and radiation does and what she was about to go through. Stephanie attended BCNA information sessions and watched our webinars so she could arm herself with knowledge to take back to her family and help her prepare.  It eased everyone’s minds and calmed their nerves.

BCNA works tirelessly to advocate for, and empower, every single Australian affected by breast cancer to ensure everyone receives the very best care, treatment and support.

With your help, we can deliver tailored information and support through our resources – like podcasts, webcasts, and online tools – for all stages of a breast cancer journey.

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If you can make a donation today, we can continue to provide all of this and more in a kind and caring way. Together, we can alleviate the fears of those affected by breast cancer and make them all feel supported during the toughest of times.