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2021 Christmas Appeal

“To have all of this support freely available was amazing as I could read the information in my own time and pace online”      - Liz 46, Breast Reconstruction in Australia 2021 Survey Participant

This festive season, Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is asking for your support to ensure everyone considering a breast reconstruction, or any other breast cancer treatment option has access to the information they need to choose the right path for them.

After her diagnosis three years ago, Liz experienced shock, fear and uncertainty. She regained a sense of control by seeking out credible information and support. With BCNA’s help, Liz began to feel better informed of her choices and more confident in her decision to have an immediate breast reconstruction following her mastectomy.

Unfortunately, BCNA’s recent report on breast reconstruction has found this is not always happening. Too many people are not getting directed to the information they need to make these deeply personal choices.

Together, you and BCNA can help make it easier for Australians with breast cancer. Learn more about how we help, what we do, and why we need your support today!

A donation today ensures BCNA is there for everyone diagnosed, providing access to the information they need to choose the right path for them.

Help us meet the growing need for our services and support the over 20,000 Australians expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022.