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David’s Matchmaker – Konica Minolta

David Healy and his family have developed a close connection with BCNA over the past year as they go through their own cancer journey. David’s wife Amanda’s breast cancer diagnosis in December 2021 came as quite a shock. It was an extremely overwhelming time for the family and even now simple tasks remain difficult. Finding the time to plan ahead and fit things in can be hard for the family.

“We are thankful for the support given by BCNA and others in helping with answers to the myriad of questions that flood in during such a traumatic discovery. They have an excellent network to provide for my wife during her treatment, as well as all those around her who are also adversely affected by the cruel uncertainties that surround cancer.” 

Employed by Konica Minolta, David works as a Field Service Engineer and is involved in his employer’s workplace giving program. Like all Konica Minolta employees, David can make pre-tax donations directly from his salary to BCNA, and Konica Minolta, up to a certain amount, will match his donation dollar for dollar.  

“My family and I are very supportive of the great work done by BCNA and we are thankful for the additional support Konica Minolta provides through workplace giving to BCNA, an organisation that has been very helpful to us. I will continue to support workplace giving to help others who may find themselves on a similar path to ours in the future.”

Whilst also supporting BCNA in other areas such as volunteering and printing, Konica Minolta has been participating in workplace giving to BCNA since 2015, and BCNA is extremely grateful of the partnership.

David encourages others who work for organisations with workplace giving programs to get involved. Small donations each pay may not seem like much at the time, but when combined over a year, can make a big difference to those affected by breast cancer.  

“We are very thankful to live in a country that has an excellent health system, so following the chemotherapy and surgery, the prognosis is very positive. Even with this very good outcome, we are still on a very long journey to recovery. Cancer really can turn your life upside down, so every bit of support is greatly appreciated.” 

BCNA would like to thank David and all BCNA workplace givers.

If you are interested in learning more about setting up a workplace giving program in your workplace, or a matching program, please contact Eliza Sadler or visit the BCNA website.