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Policy & Advocacy

BCNA advocates on behalf of Australians affected by breast cancer to ensure their voices are heard.

Strategic Plan: Towards 2025 

In July 2021 BCNA launched its Strategic Plan: Towards 2025 which clearly outlines the gaps and inconsistencies in breast cancer treatment and care and our plan for change. 

We divided the plan into three areas of focus – one for each year. The are: 

  • Year one – reducing the costs for those diagnosed with breast cancer  
  • Year two – improving equity of access to optimal breast cancer care  
  • Year three – improving the experiences of living well with and beyond breast cancer. 

The plan has been informed through extensive consumer engagement and research into the lived experiences of people with breast cancer and their key issues of concern. This includes our 2018 State of the Nation, and 2021 Breast Reconstruction in Australia reports as well as research into the impact of COVID-19. You can read more about these here 

By prioritising these areas, we aim to make real progress in improving the lives and outcomes of people affected by breast cancer.  

Towards 2025 provides a clear plan for: 

  • investing our resources and energy 
  • harnessing the strength of our network 
  • actively connecting and partnering with organisations and individuals who can further our progress 
  • building greater connection between the lived experience of breast cancer and decision-making. 

Read BCNA’s Strategic Plan: Towards 2025 

The focus of our strategic plan has led to achievements including: 

  • The release of Making Metastatic Breast Cancer Count – a BCNA issues paper calling for national leadership and accountability to ensure those living with metastatic breast cancer are counted and made visible; 
  • The release of BCNA’s Breast Reconstruction in Australia 2021 report – which shone a light on inequity of access to breast reconstruction surgery across Australia. 

How can you help us achieve our Towards 2025 goals? 

By partnering with those who are equally passionate about creating real change, we aim to achieve success with our Strategic Plan: Towards 2025. 

Here are some of the ways you can help us extend our reach and impact: 

  • Does your organisation or your lived experience align with the goals of Towards 2025? Let’s talk! Email 
  • Are you a researcher looking for trained consumer representatives or people who have a lived experience of breast cancer? Email, or find out more on our Information for Researchers webpage. 
  • Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer? Consider using your voice for change by joining our Review & Survey Group. You will have the opportunity to choose to participate in surveys, focus groups and clinical trials related to breast cancer. Find out more on our Review & Survey Group webpage. 

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