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What’s new for your patients in My Journey?

What’s new for your patients in My Journey?

We want to keep you across the new content that’s landed in My Journey, what content people are consuming and what people living with breast cancer are saying about their experience using My Journey.

What’s new in My Journey?

Unsurprisingly, over the last few months, our core content focus has been around COVID-19 and equipping members with information beyond general content about COVID-19. We have developed content specific to diagnosis type, information on treatment as well as tips on using telehealth effectively and pieces exploring the psychological impact of COVID-19.

You can access all COVID-19 related content via our content hub.  

In addition, we’ve produced a new article about seromas following breast cancer surgery, including advice on the management of seromas. If this is a topic relevant to your patient, you can direct them to it by clicking here.

We’ve also developed content on cording, or axillary web syndrome, and its management. You can view it here.

What content are people reading?

Data suggests that popular topics on My Journey include treatment and side effects, the facts about breast cancer, questions for you to ask your treating team and information on nutrition and exercise.

What people are saying

I found the information to be really fantastic. I found it a source of information that I could trust. Not knowing anything about cancer or about cancer treatment it was really good to be able to have a trusted source that I could read in my own time and digest information in my own pace. I looked at a few websites but having a source of information that was just about breast cancer and that was clearly able to look at different phrases in terms of diagnosis and treatment, I found to be extremely helpful. – My Journey user

I go [to My Journey] to see if what I am experiencing is normal before I alert the doctor or something like that, because if it is normal, I am not going to waste my doctor’s time ... So, it covers accurately what the treatment will be like for you and things, in friendly terms where you feel like you are normal. So, I have used it to validate what I have been going through. – My Journey user

My Journey

When you refer patients to BCNA’s My Journey, you’re providing them with opportunities to seek support on their own throughout their breast cancer journey, have access to reliable, up-to-date and evidence-based resources while also ensuring that they access personalised content specific to their diagnosis and situation.

My Journey is updated regularly, with new content and resources added to support people living with breast cancer.

How you can sign people up to My Journey

To register to refer your patients to My Journey, you’ll first need to register as a health professional with BCNA. Get started here: