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Survey on insurance implications of genetic testing

Survey on insurance implications of genetic testing

Monash University is surveying health professionals who talk to patients about genetic testing – read on for more information. The survey closes on 30 June.

In 2017, we surveyed health professionals regarding their knowledge, experience and views regarding the life insurance implications of genetic testing. In 2019, policy in this area changed and we are keen to understand whether, and if so how, things have changed. You are eligible if you are a qualified health professional (other than a general practitioner) working in Australia or New Zealand who has direct contact (by telephone or in person) with clients who are considering genetic testing.

Please consider completing this important survey. It should not take longer than 10-15 minutes to complete, and can be anonymous if you prefer. Access the survey here.

The findings of this project will contribute to a policy response to the Australian Government regarding the current situation, and your participation will assist with gathering critical data in this space.

For any queries regarding this research, please contact Jane Tiller at