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My Journey launches to great response

After launching in October, the My Journey online tool is receiving positive feedback and showing high levels of uptake.

In the first month since launch, approximately 55 per cent of people diagnosed have chosen to use My Journey over the printed My Journey Early Breast Cancer Guide, with more than 500 people now using the online tool.

As one of the key aims of the tool is to deliver the right information at the right time, we are very pleased that 19 per cent of users are registering for My Journey on the day they are diagnosed.

Each article on the tool allows users to provide feedback by answering the question, ‘Did you find this information useful? To date, 94 per cent of respondents have answered ‘Yes’. Those who have answered ‘No’ have provided valuable insights and helped to identify gaps in content.

This feedback will help inform the continuous improvement of the tool, which will include new content, features and functionality. We encourage thoughts and feedback from health professionals.

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