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Cancer community unites for patients in face of COVID-19

BCNA CEO Kirsten Pilatti recently wrote that despite the challenges, distress and uncertainty we are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are some silver linings to the current situation.

Collaboration within the often-competitive cancer space is one of those silver linings.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, BCNA has been working with government, Cancer Australia, Cancer Council Australia and our clinical advisers (breast cancer clinicians) to make sure we have helpful, relevant and up-to-date information available to help our members through this challenging time.

The sector has stepped up its internal communication and openness to innovation. Crucially, the driver of this collaboration is the patient; with the common goal of ensuring continued care, treatment and outcomes for cancer patients across Australia.

CEOs, radiation therapists, oncologists, nurses, surgeons, survivors, social workers came together to send this message to those affected by cancer during the coronavirus pandemic:

BCNA resources about coronavirus and breast cancer

Our My Journey online tool is where you will find all BCNA resources relating to coronavirus and breast cancer, featuring a range of articles as well as tailored information relevant to diagnosis type: DCISearly breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer.

We are updating this page on the My Journey online tool on a daily basis to reflect new information, as well as to address the most frequently asked questions we’ve been receiving to our Helpline.

Managing anxiety and distress: Written by oncology social worker Dr Carrie Lethborg, this article has advice on how to deal with the unknown, stay connected during social isolation and quarantine, the use of information, managing distress and finding support.

Financial assistance: Here, we break down the financial assistance that is available to those whose financial situation has been impacted by coronavirus. The article also outlines the range of health services now available through telehealth.


We’ve developed two episodes of our podcast, Upfront about breast cancer specifically about coronavirus. In the most recent episode, we chat with BCNA CEO Kirsten Pilatti and Director Policy and Advocacy Vicki Durston to take a deep dive in to how coronavirus is affecting people with breast cancer, how the system is working together and what resources are available.

Other resources

BCNA has been working with healthcare providers to ensure our members have continued, safe, high quality access to radiation therapy services close to home. Find out more about continuing radiation therapy during coronavirus here