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Victorian Cancer (Reporting) Regulations 2012

In January 2012, BCNA made a submission to the Victorian Department of Health's review of the Victorian cancer reporting regulations.

Amongst other things, the regulations set out the processes for the reporting of new cases of cancer in the Victorian population, including which groups of health professionals are required to report new cases and what information must be reported.

The Health Department released a Regulatory Impact Statement outlining options for the new regulations and seeking feedback from key stakeholders.

BCNA supported changes to the regulations that included:

  • requiring private radiotherapy centres and day oncology centres to report new cases of cancer seen in their centres
  • improving the method of capturing information on the Staging of cancers
  • requiring additional information to be collected about individual cancer patients, such as their country of birth and language spoken at home.

While these changes will help to ensure that data is collected about new primary cancer diagnoses in Victoria, BCNA is concerned that there may be some cases of secondary breast cancer that will not be captured. There are a number of reasons this data might be missed. Our submission addressed this issue and discussed the need for data on all new cases of secondary breast cancer to be captured.

We believe it is important that accurate data on the incidence of secondary breast cancer is collected. This information will assist the Victorian Government and health providers in the planning and provision of treatments and allied health services for women with secondary breast cancer.


BCNA acknowledges and thanks BCNA Consumer Representative Jennifer Muller (Vic) for her assistance in producing this submission.

More information

  • Download BCNA's submission (below)
  • Read about the review of the cancer reporting regulations, including the Regulatory Impact Statement on the Victorian Department of Health website.