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Submissions and reviews

Submission to Department of Health public consultation on funding for private patients in public hospitals

BCNA provided a submission in September 2017 to the Department of Health on its public consultation on funding for private patients in public hospitals.

BCNA is aware that private health insurance premiums and the high cost of treatment in the private health system are a significant source of pressure at a time when people are dealing with the stress and uncertainty of a breast cancer diagnosis.

BCNA’s submission focused on the following key areas:

  • The Increasing cost of private health insurance and value-for-money
  • High levels of out-of-pocket costs for private health insurance holders
  • Providing consumers with relevant information about their options. 


BCNA recommended:

  • A comprehensive scoping study to establish changes to the out-of-pocket costs faced by consumers with private health insurance under the proposed Option Five be conducted.
  • Measures to reduce ‘gap’ payments are incorporated into all of the options proposed in the discussion paper.
  • A comprehensive written quote is mandated for all private patients for non-emergency admissions to help them make informed decisions about the financial costs of their care.

It is BCNA’s view that these issues need to be addressed to create a more equitable health system for Australians affected by breast cancer.

Download BCNA's submission