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06 Jan 2015

Submission on Herceptin

In July 2012, BCNA wrote a submission to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC), supporting an application for a new subsidy to be made available for women who have to take Herceptin before their surgery. This is known as neoadjuvant Herceptin when provided prior to surgery, however it is the same drug.

A small proportion of women with early or locally advanced HER2+ breast cancer are recommended to have Herceptin before their breast cancer surgery, in order to shrink the tumour and make it easier for the surgeon to operate.

At the time we made this submission, no Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidy was available for this.

BCNA received a fantastic response from women telling us about the benefits to them and their families of taking Herceptin. Many of their comments are included in our submission.

In November, 2012, the application was approved and Herceptin has now been available for eligible women before surgery from 1 December 2012. 

To read more about this approval and BCNA's response, read our November 2012 media release welcoming the listing of neoadjuvant Herceptin on the PBS.

The full submission also is available for download below.