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06 Jan 2015

Submission for DXA Scan Rebates

MSAC Outcome

The Medical Services Advisory Committee considered this application at its meeting in July 2015. It did not support the application because of "uncertain and unacceptably high cost-effectiveness in the proposed setting".


BCNA Submission

In November 2012, BCNA wrote to the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) supporting the introduction of a Medicare rebate for women who require a bone mineral density test (DXA test) in conjunction with their aromatase inhibitor treatment.

Bone mineral density tests give valuable information to doctors about bone density, which can reduce in women who are taking aromatase inhibitors (such as Arimidex®, Aromasin® and Femara®). Unfortunately, bone loss can lead to osteoporosis, so women taking an aromatase inhibitor are often recommended to have a bone mineral density test.

Some women are required to have multiple tests. There is currently no Medicare rebate available for this test for women who are taking aromatase inhibitors (although women may be able to access a rebate if there are other medical reasons for having one).

In our submission, BCNA supported a Medicare rebate for women who are taking aromatase inhibitors, and recommended that a rebate also be considered for women who are considering taking them.

Unfortunately, the process for MSAC to review the evidence and make recommendations can be lengthy, so it may take one to two years before a decision on this application is reached. You can read our submissions at our Advocacy page.

BCNA thanks the women who assisted us with developing this submission:

  • Kym Berchtenbreiter
  • Jill Hicks
  • Domini Stuart

We also thank the medical professionals that reviewed the submission.