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06 Jan 2015

New Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system

Work is underway to implement a national electronic health (eHealth) system in Australia, to allow consumers' health information to be electronically managed and exchanged.

The main component of eHealth is the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) which is an electronic record of your health information.

In June 2011, the Federal Government released its Draft Concept of Operations that outlined how the new PCEHR will operate.

The Government sought public comment on the Draft Concept of Operations, and BCNA developed a submission in consultation with BCNA Consumer Representatives Geraldine Robertson, Jennifer Muller, and Judith Maher.

BCNA is supportive of the PCEHR system and believes that it has the potential to enhance sharing of health information between individual health care providers, and between consumers and their health care teams.

However BCNA had a number of concerns in relation to the Draft Concept of Operations namely the:

  • model of participation by healthcare providers and organisations
  • process regarding how consumers can request errors to be corrected in their PCEHR
  • long term governance arrangements of the PCEHR.

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