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Posted by leith on 15 Dec 2012, 07:40AM

Hi...I need to get some ideas on coping after mastectomy. I had a bilateral mx with 13 nodes removed. Prior to this I had 3 rounds of FEC to shrink my large lymph node. Best news...a necrotic lymph node with no sign of cells in other lymph nodes and the surgeon could not feel or find the 4cm lump in my breast once removed. Has this happened to anyone else in here at all? Of course I am completely overjoyed by this news.
Its now 2 weeks after my surgery and honestly I am finding the discomfort increasing each day, particularly in the evenings. I,m not doing anything strenous apart from moving about the house and walking each day for about 20minutes? Any advice on how often I should be doing my arm exercise at all? Have been managing pain with panadol however have a script for stronger med and considering it for the evenings.
Anyone care to share how long their recovery was after such an operation? Most days it feels like certain muscles in my armpit and chest are golfballs that want to.pop open.


Hi leith

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It's only been 2 weeks -you are doing ok. I had a mastectomy a few years ago and had to go twice weekly for 5 weeks to get a seroma (fluid collection under my scarline)drained.Have you got any fluid collecting under your arm or scarline? It took me approximately 4 weeks for the pain,swelling,discomfort to settle down.It's important to do your arm exercises and lymphatic massage a few times a day -strain don't pain is what my physio told me.You can end up with a stiff arm that you can't raise if you don't. At the 6 week mark I got fitted with a prosthesis and I felt much better and more confident. I still have the sensation I've got duck tape across my chest and also have patches of numbness.It's not too bad and I've learnt to live with it. I can remember needing panadiene most nights for about 3 weeks post surgery.If the pain is much worse or you have swelling then see your surgeon asap. You can always ring your breast care nurse if you had one.Take it easy and rest up-blog back here anytime for info and support.

                                  Tonya xx



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