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50 years since diagnosis on NW Tassie!

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Posted by Mandy Forteath on 04 Oct 2013, 02:56PM

Acticle in The Advocate:

Re-typed below: a wonderful life story!

Grey Day Doldrums

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Posted by Mandy Forteath on 29 May 2013, 04:08PM
Just thinking, girls, about nine years ago when I was diagnosed. SO much has happened and I am bright and cheery (most of the time) but these grey wintry days get us down, eh?This morning we had thick fog till after 11, which is unusual for Launceston but I see Sydney is also experiencing weird weather. Last week I had a CT scan and saw the specialist today- no cancers but signs that the two nodules on thyroid have grown a bit so have to get them checked out and also signs of lessening blood supply to part of the brain related to memory loss. GREAT!

20th anniversary since diagnosis for Launceston support group convenor

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Posted by Mandy Forteath on 05 Oct 2011, 12:03PM

Well at last night's regular monthly meeting we celebrated Pauline's 20th anniversary with a gift, card and cake. She has experienced two recurrences, one in her spine 18 years ago and then last year in her lung, but she has responded well to treatment and is all clear now.

Pauline offers support to many here in northern Tasmania and is the Convenor of our group.

Mandy Forteath


  • Name:  Mrs Mandy Forteath
  • About:  I experienced strong support from family and friends, and am happy to "give back" support. I am part of the Launceston Support Group

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