A guiding inspiration to so many has left us

Posted by Mandy Forteath on 30 Jan 2014, 09:34AM


Sadly I let you know that our dear Pauline Watson died peacefully at home early this morning.

I met Pauline at the first 'formal' support group meeting in Launceston, over 9 years ago, and we formed a close friendship. It was she who enthused me to become as active as I have with BCNA, the Tasmanian Breast Cancer Network and our local Launceston Support Group.

She was an inspiration to so many, instrumental in spreading the BCNA word, and support to so many affected by breast cancer.

Diagnosed over 20 years ago, our group  celebrated that milestone a few years ago with a cake and she rallied on despite the cruel harshness of her situation.

As recently as the last Melbourne Cup Day she was attending functions (see photo above) and was truly inspired by the Launceston Cancer Centre, where she regularly visited.

She touched so many, over many years and our sympathy is with Russell, Wayne and Paul.

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Another Pink sister get her wings

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it is with great saddness that I respond to this post. Our pink sisters getting their wings reminds me of my mortality and how fragile it all is.

Condolances to her family and the Tassie Group on loosing such a lovely lady.


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To everyone concerned and to you dear Mandy my dearest condolonces.  I find these stories so very very sad yet inspiratonal at the same time. 

My loving thoughts are with you all.

Life is way too short and especially for the special people in this world.

Luv n light today, tomorrow and always, Mich xoxoxoxoxo

Farewell Pauline

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All of us at BCNA were so sad to hear the news this morning of our beloved Pauline.

Pauline has been involved with BCNA since our beginnings in 1998. She was passionate about BCNA and about helping other women. She never stopped! Pauline organised events, hosted mini-fields, sold merchandise, promoted our resources, visited Bakers Delight stores during the annual Pink Bun campaign and much more. Most importantly of all, she supported other Tasmanian women during their own breast cancer journeys.

In 2009, I interviewed Pauline for The Inside Story.  She spoke about how important her involvement with her breast cancer support group was to her, and how happy she was to share her knowledge and experience to help other women. She was a positive woman who wanted to share her positive story with others.

Pauline will be missed by many. We send our love to all of you who knew her, and to Russell, Wayne and Paul.

Kathy xx


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I didn't know Pauline,but I just want to say how sorry I am ,to you Mandy,and to her family and friends.It is such a sad reminder,that not everyone has a good outcome.Love Robyn.

Hi Mandy

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You will have many wonderful memories of your friend.  You know how to relive these and make the most of your life.  I live the best life I can in memory of our Pink Sisters who were not able to live theirs as long as they had wished for.  Too many leave us way too early.  How blessed are we to have known them.  Thinking of you and Pauline's family. XLeonie

Hi Mandy

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So sorry to hear about your friend Pauline.She sounds like one gutsy lady and what an asset to BCNA.My condolances to her family and your support group.

                       Tonya xx

Such support

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Thanks all, we are all holding up. The funeral is on Wednesday in Launceston and then another in Bendigo where Pauline was brought up, on Friday. BCNA will be represented by me here, and some staff members in Bendigo.

We have asked people to wear some pink to the Launceston funeral.

The family are touched by everyone's messages, and we all stick together, pink ladies, don't we?


Hi Mandy

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Obviously to special to stay here and probably needed somewhere else. Life is short and it does bring us back to reality. Regards from adean

Newpaper in memorium

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will give you a nice story that is in today's Examiner newspaper here in Launceston.

Hi Mandy

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 Hi Mandy,

thanks for the message regarding Pauline's passing.  Yes, she  did do a lot for the people of Launceston and beyond. She will be missed. Take care.. Kathy.

RIP Pauline

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Pauline was such an inspirational lady, who never complained about her own breast cancer journey, and was always there to lend support and advice to others facing the same situation.

Pauline took me under her wing in 2011, when newly diagnosed, I first attended our local Launceston Breast Cancer Support Group. She would often give me a call to check on how I was going with both my breast cancer and personal journey, and visit occasionally when I had my brain radiation treatments.

The large turnout to her Launceston Funeral last week was testament to the wide circle of the community that she had touched in such a positive way.

RIP Pauline, you will always be an inspiration to me to fight on for the future of my children.

xxx Sonia

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