Spectacular roses in Launceston's Breast Cancer Rose Garden

Posted by Mandy Forteath on 25 Nov 2013, 02:21PM

I received a phone call from the Head Gardener of Launceston City Council advising me about the Breast Cancer Rose Garden in City Park- they are just amazing at present.

(I already knew because I visit it regularly, just keeping an eye on all the "Best Friend"and "Blue Moon" roses that were planted two years ago but was blown away that even the gardeners themselves are in raptuuires!)

The fragrance wafts across the park, and everyone is remarking on them. If you are around, do pop by.

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Wish I could send you all some

Mandy Forteath's picture

of the blooms and fragrance! That would boost everyone today, so for all those in stress, worry and cautious optimism, the flowers are for you.

That's just lovely!

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I love roses Mandy and your wish today was much appreciated. I wish I could come and visit the garden in Launceston. I spent my honeymoon in Tasmania more than 31 years ago and haven't had a chance to get back since. I'd love to visit again.

Thanks again for your lovely thought.

Janey xxx

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Thanks for that heads up.  I will be in Launie in mid December so I will certainly be visiting.


much love


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