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Posted by Sandy47 on 19 Nov 2012, 01:37PM

I am tired of constant pain (GP thinks from Zoladex and Femara), tired of having hot flushes, exhaustion and insomnia, tired of whingeing and tired of waiting for the cancer to come back! One in three chance the DR says.

Also, I am back at work and still have not 'settled' back in.

I know I am depressed and am on medication for it but has anyone experienced similar experiences and/or any helpful suggestions.

Also frustrated that now I supposedly have no cancer in my body, people assume I can do what I did before the cancer and am still the same person.


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Posted by Sandy47 on 29 Mar 2012, 04:26PM

Masectomy is 5 weeks past, seroma has been drained 4 times, 3 lots of antibiotics for SMALL wound infection now a thrombosis that extends from my pelvis to ankle, completing occluding vessel in most places, partly in others. Leg is swollen, really hurts and now I have found out that the Tamoxifen contributes to thrombosis!!!!!

I had to negotiate with doctor to be released from hospital, have to give myself Clexane injections twice a day and take Warfarin.

Is there much else that can occur!!!! I know I am whingeing but this seems so bloody endless!!!

Tomorrow is the masectomy!

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Posted by Sandy47 on 21 Feb 2012, 11:26AM

Well, tomorrow is the big day for the masectomy! Here at last! It seems funny to look forward to it but I had a lumpectomy last July followed by chemo and knew then that the breast had to come off so it has seemed like forever to get here. Now I just want to get it over with, I'm scared I will change my mind and say no, you can't have it If I wait much longer.......

clear tests results

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Posted by Sandy47 on 27 Jan 2012, 07:50PM

I saw Dr again today, all test results clear. He thinks the Pain in the leg that I have had is caused by arthritis; apparently there is quite a bit of inflammation at the joint/bone junction. I can deal with that!!!!

Masectomy will be going ahead within the next four weeks, I am just waiting for a date! Rollercoaster of emotions- just want to get it done!!! I know I chose to have lumpectomy-chemo then masectomy in that order but it feels like a long haul!

License photo

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Posted by Sandy47 on 25 Jan 2012, 11:28AM

just got my car license renewal last week and as I am currently bald (chemo) and dont have a wig and dont want my photo taken with a bald head wondered what I will do. I rang Transport SA and explained situation and asked if I can use previous photo: not permitted, or have photo taken with scarf or headcover. They said that this is not permitted either. The guy was really nice and went off a made a few enquiries; they have agreed that I can use a headcover if I just get the license for one year but I must go to a particular Transport SA and ask for a specific person.



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