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12 month mammogram

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Posted by cher54 on 19 Aug 2011, 03:50AM

Well blog, I just have to tell you my thoughts & feelings - they say getting it all out on paper helps, so here goes. On Monday this week I went for my 12 month mammogram. So far so good. On Tuesday was my specialist/surgeon checkup appt (why they can't schedule appts for the same day for convenience sake I don't know).

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Genetic Testing

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Posted by cher54 on 10 Jul 2011, 01:23AM

Hi girls,

I have a query about genetic testing. I filled out the forms sent to me by the unit & they have replied back asking me to select a couple of preferences of places to go for an appointment. I have a choice of 4 hospitals with differing operating times for the service.

Now to my questions - do they usually ask u to select a preferred appt place & time etc as a matter of course or only if they think there may be something to discuss?

Damn Shoulder

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Posted by cher54 on 27 Jun 2011, 05:38PM

Sheesh, has my left shoulder been giving me curry again today, but it is not as you would expect due to the cancer, well not solely...

Back before BC I was on workcover for recurring (chronic) Bursitis caused from being a "checkout chick" so was permanently taken off checkouts & giving other work that could be modified to handle the ongoing injury.

The Beginning

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Posted by cher54 on 24 Jun 2011, 04:20PM

Noooooo, I can't believe I just lost all I had written before it had posted........Aaarrgggggh!!!! Can I be bothered starting again - I'll try.....

Although I have been a member here for a while I have resisted till now about introducing myself & fully utilising this site. I'll also give a brief rundown of when I was diagnosed.



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