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Posted by TonyaM on 18 Oct 2013, 10:51PM

Kellyville Breast Buddies is a support group that my buddy Katriona and I  started at the beginning of the year.We have many women in our group now and offer support,friendship and information from BCNA.We also sew drain bags which we put in a gift pack and donate to our local hospital for women undergoing breast surgery.And now we are in the local paper.

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Good on you Tonya and Co!!

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Hi Tonya!

You are such a great ambassador for BCNA! The support you have given so many of us on here is wonderful and I can't thank you enough! I too have now joined/become part of a wonderful support group here in Perth with Mich at our helm. Wonderful support, friendship, coffees, lunches and laughter! I couldn't so without them now.  Good luck with yours and the work you do. You are all amazing!!

Love Alison xxx

Hi Al

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Aw,thanks Alison.If you are with Mich and co.then you'd know my friend Chris who moved to Perth from Sydney and didn't know anyone there.If I ever get to Perth for a holiday,I'll time it that I can come have lunch with you gorgeous girls.Oh and vice versa ofcourse. love Tonya xx 

Love to!

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Yes Chris is part of our growing group. Lovely group of women and yes it would be lovely to finally meet you!

Take care love Alison xx

Perth Girls

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Hi Tonya
I'm sure if you come to Perth you would be the guest of honour at our gathering! I'd also love to meet you in person...
great job with Breast Buddies and local Vicki xox

Thanks Vicki

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I've never been to Perth but it's on my bucket list. Maybe BCNA will hold a summit or something in Perth-they should share the love around! Tonya xx




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