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Posted by Silks on 15 Jul 2014, 12:29PM

Hi Girls,

My single mastectomy with expander was last Tuesday.
Been out since Saturday and now wait for Thursday appointment with onco for HER2+ treatment.

I just wanted you all to know how comforting it was to read your blog posts and comments whilst I was trying to come to terms with what had just happened to me.

Thanks for being out there.

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Hope you are recovering well from your op. This network is very comforting isn't it? Lets us know we are not alone and helps us understand what's normal about what we are feeling. Best wishes for whatever treatment you need to have, take care, 

Hazel xx

Thank you Hazel

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It was nice of you to respond.
I am recovering very well. I am a little anxious about chemo treatment coming up, but I'm not an only child, so I will draw strength from that and from the support from this site. Who knows, I may be able to contribute something useful one day :)

Hi Silks

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Welcome to BCNA. You are doing well posting so soon after the op. How are you feeling? (I had mine Wednesday week ago, so getting there). :)

Thanks for the welcome

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Hi rivergum
I saw you live in Ballarat. Lovely town. I recently moved from near there to Tassie. Small world :)
I am now traveling from Launceston to Melbourne for my treatment. Recovery from mastectomy etc is going really well. We had a bit of a hiccup with an allergy I developed to the adhesive of the tapes. Onco appointment Thursday. Not sure how I'll go traveling with chemo and Herceptin, but I'll give it a go.
Did you have an expander placed?

Hi again :)

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I remember the incredible itch from the tapes. This time round they used Tegaderm which is much less irritating. I did have an expander placed and that seems fine, although I've got quite a bit of seroma which is excess fluid accumulating under the wound which is otherwise healing nicely. Good luck with the chemo and Herceptin. My hat goes off to women who have the big round trips to get to treatment. 

Great tip

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Thanks for the Tegaderm tip
I shall keep that in mind for the future
All the best with your journey. You have done so well, very inspirational.

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Hi Silks, Jess from BCNA here - just wanted to say hello/welcome to the online network, I hope the network gives you a place to connect with others and share your experiences. Just want to let you know that If you need a hand with anything just give me a shout : )
~ jess

Thanks Jess

Silks's picture

Thank you for your welcome
I have already made some first contacts :)
I am certain this site will help me through some tricky times and maybe I can be of some support to others

Hi Silks,

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Welcoming you to this site seems so wrong, but I am sure you get the intent. You will find this site a source of great support and answers to many questions.

I wish you well on your journey and assure you we will travel it with you.

Sending hugs


Hi Donna

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Thanks for your words
A great comfort to know of the support onboard my journey as I will be for others.
Hugs right back at you


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Welcome to the best place for support and advice:)Take things one day at a time,and if you need any help,just give a shout and someone will be able to advise you.Take care xoxRobyn

Hi Robyn

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As I have been browsing the site over the last couple of weeks I have seen your smiling face commenting to many posts. You are such a great support to so many.
I have recovered well from my mastectomy and am flying home for 8 days before returning for the start of chemo. 4x AC, 4x Taxol with Herceptin, then Herceptin on its own for further 9mths. A little anxious, but very positive!!
I hope you are traveling well Robyn, and remember we too are here for you xx

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Hi Silks,

From reading your blog it looks like we are both on the same path. I too had a single masectomy with an expander put in on the 30th of June. My cancer too was HeR2 + and as a result I have to have x4 A/C treatments 3 weeks apart, then x4 T/H treatments 3 weeks apart followed by x8 Herceptin treatments 3 weeks apart.

Radiation starts on the 15th of December.

It was just before my 2nd dose of chemo (last Monday) that I lost all of my hair. For me that was the most emotional part.  But now... I love it. I get to match my scarves with the outfits that I wear each day.  I have to wear a beanie at night time becasue it is so cold. 

Did you get a port-a-cath put in? If not, I definately reccomend getting one. The last thing you need it catheters in your arm each 3 weeks.

Love donna

Hi Donna

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I read your reply as I am just about to leave hospital after my first A/C yesterday. I was kept in overnight due to the fact that I am a life long migraine sufferer and they wanted to monitor my 'first time' (Not looking forward to the next few days)
Then off to the airport to fly home to Tassie.
Yes, I too have the port. Mine is in my left arm and it is fabulous.
Time wise, I think you are a little ahead of me. How are you coping with A/C side effects?
Like you, I'm not too worried about the hair loss. I had the option of scalp cooling, but because of my migraines I decided last minute against it.
I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you are coping well.



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