Bowel probs post 2nd bout of chemo

Posted by Maria G on 15 Jul 2014, 12:51AM

Hey Girls, 

have only had my second bout of AC & my bowel has packed up completely.  Have seen a gastro guy who after 2 weeks of it being blocked had to have 3 bowel preps to unblock it. ( Plus 2 weeks prior of nothing but every apperient under the sun). 

Had 3rd bout of chemo & has packed up again, just had 2 bowel preps today with no luck.  Over the phone the gastro guy is telling me everything is fine, how can he say that without even seeing me. 

I'm really scared the chemo has caused irrepairable damage to the nerves controlling my gut. 

It's nearly a month now since all this started, so thinking things aren't good. Getting really scared. 

Have tried & used everything I can possible think of.


Blocked up

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I found that I got severe constipation at times during chemo, but not for weeks at a time, the most for me was about 5 days. You have my sympathy because it just leaves you feeling uncomfortable and off. How much water are you drinking? I know I thought I was drinking enough but really wasn't. I ended up keeping a cup next to the tap in the bathroom and every time I went to the loo ( whether to go to the loo or just put moisturiser on my hands) I would make myself drink a cup of water. My oncologist put me on Movicol but I found to get me moving I had to take take two or 3 sachets very close together. The other thing to watch out for is haemorrhoids which I found to be a bit of a side effect from the constipation! Keep trying different things and hang in there!


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I alternated between constipation and diorrehia (bad spelling) during chemo. I was blocked for about 6-7 days, oncologist said coloxyl, helped a little. Maybe a visit to your GP might help? It might ease your worries, hope you are feeling better soon, take care, 

Hazel xx

Hello Maria

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Have you tried tin Pear Juice?  It has worked for me these past few days.

Hope you find something to help you get through this, take care

Michele X



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Nothing worse then constipation AC seems to really hard on your gut. I was either blocked or running to the loo. This is what helped me. First buy a couple of magazines pop em in the loo then take Movicol and follow with a bit of prune juice, keep taking till you see some action. When you get things moving again you need to work at prevention. This is what helped me, drink 3 litres every day, high fibre everything, breakfast was all bran with prunes, snacks were fruit I ate a lot of baked beans and I made soup with a lot of vedgies and more beans and I walked everyday to keep things moving. Finally 3 days before chemo I started senekot and took it each night and on the morning of chemo. Hope that things will be moving along for you. All the best


Maria G


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