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Posted by Gerbera67 on 09 Apr 2014, 10:01AM

Hi.  Just wondering if anyone has any advise on what is best to use for shaving under the armpit after having nodes removed?  It was recommended to use an electric shaver and I have looked but just wonder if anyone can suggest the best or most helpful product they have used.  thankyou.



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Hi Gerbera67,


I have been told the same thing, so if you get any tips please let me know as using an electric shaver doesnt exactly get of it all. Thank god were heading into cooler weather with sleeves



Hi Ladies

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I was worried about this after surgery and sent my husband off to get an electric shaver. Then I had chemo and hair was not an issue for a while! I also had radiation to that area and between that and the tamoxifen (causes hair thinning) I've barely needed to use anything under that arm! I did find that getting an electric shaver with a trimming/cutting edge was easier to use under the arm.
I've never cut myself shaving under the arm but I guess now that it is more important to not injure this area that would be just when it would happen!

It can be hard to shave under the arm at first because of the restricted movement from the op, but it does get better with exercise. Take care. Deanne xxx

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I think everyone is told this. To be honest I have always just used a razor..... after all they used to be sold as "safety razors" didn't they ?? Even in hospital straight after the mastectomy & level 1 clearance I just made sure I used the mirror to start with. ........Naughty, I know !!


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Thanks ladies.  My problem is that the area to shave is 'concaved' for use of a better word.  I cant see a normal razor being safe.  Like Deanne said, prob wont need to shave for a while anyway thanks to chemo.  Appreciate your comments.

Hair remover?

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Hi Ladies, 

Would it be possible to use a hair remover like Nair for instance?  I believe you spread the cream on and leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off in the shower.  This way it would alleviate any chance of cutting under the arm?

Hope this helps


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Thanks Emma.  I was told to avoid waxing as well so not sure if this is similar?Where could I find this product?

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Waxing is traumatic to the skin and this could cause a Lymphodema type of problem. You want to avoid any damage to this area that could cause swelling etc. Hair removal cream is available near the shavers in the supermarket but it is full of chemicals which would concern me, and you would need to test it first to make sure your skin was not going to react to it. You cannot use it on broken or irritated skin and would want to keep it well away from any wound or scar.

No to shaving

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My hair under my armpit hasn't grown back to much , what is there is long but not thick so I'm opting to not shave lol must be the old hippy in me trying to get out lol


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I just shaved with a razor too, very gently, lots of soap, and avoided the scar. I used a mirror so I could see what I was doing, and I didn't have a problem. Chemo made all that hair go anyway, I'm 2 weeks past the last chemo, my head hair is starting to grow back, but armpits are still smooth! And I'm not complaining at all!


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Sorry for getting off topic but your profile shot is amazing!! You are a very beautiful woman.

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Ha, ha.  Thanks ladies.  I just bought in Target today 'Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover' wand.  It has a pivoting head so will see how it goes.  

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I bought disposable razors that were for sensitive skin. They had extra moisturising strips on them. Unfortunately I only ever saw them in one shop and can't remember what they are called. Sorry. I have a huge concave hole on my chest and in the armpit area and I am still just using normal disposable razors without any problems.


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The first time I needed to shave under my arms I used an electric shaver - and yes nicked the skin! I was frantic as I'm very paranoid about the lymphoedema risk.  I have never drawn blood under my arms using a razor. 

So I'm back using a razor. I don't shave in the shower though I gently shave in front of a mirror.  I think Nair or something similar is a good idea too.


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I've been very gently using a razor, and lots of soap.  I try to only just touch the skin.   But I only have a few blonde hairs and have tended to let them grow a bit lately.  Shirts with sleeves help :) 



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Thanks  everyone.

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sorry have to add my two cents worth

i avoided shaving for about two months; then got husband to do it first time and now just slapdash do it myself!



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Yes, well it has been about a month so far for me too.  Will try my new little hair removing wand soon.




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