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This is really hard for me as I am not even on facebook, so here goes.

My name is Leisa Hehir I am 35 years old and 28 weeks pregnant with a beautiful gift that my husband, myself and 9 year old son would never have thought possible. I was diagnosed with Secondry Breast Cancer on my lungs a week and a half ago and had my first round of chemo Thursday. Here we go again!

I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer back in June 2009 upon a visit to my doctor to confirm I was pregnant. Needless to say that wasn't all that was confirmed and unfortunatley was a non event. I underwent 2 lots of surgery 6 rounds of chemo and 30 rounds of radiation. after 7 months I was given the all clear and life pretty much returned to normal.

That was until September 2012 when I had just had a routine Mamogram and Ultra sound all coming back clear and a request to my specialist if we could possibly try to have that second child we so dearly wanted. He gave us his blessing and sent me for a MRI (just to make sure). There were 2 more nodes found in my chest wall (unhealthy looking) from the origonal diagnosis that were missed (they think). More surgery and another 28 rounds of Radiation and Zolodex injections (gotta love premature manopause twice!). We were told all should be ok now if you wish to try again for another baby, sweet!

5 months later the most awesome news that we were going to have a baby. Pretty much at that time I developed a dry annoying, niggling cough that just wouldn't go away and an extreme shortness of breath worse than what is normal during pregnancy. I knew it wasn't right. I finally convinced my doctor for a chest x-ray and they thought it was just a mild case of phenomnia. Puffers and 2 lots of anti-biotics didn't fix it. Then it was thought I might have Whooping Cough more puffers and antibiotics. With frustration at an all time high as nothing was working and no body in our house was getting any sleep and evey was over listening to my coughing I requested a CT of my chest only to be knocked back because I was 26 weeks pregnant. So I had another chest x-ray which obviously showed something as they then allowed me to have a CT.

My worst fears were confirmed. Wow what do I do now? What about the baby? The chapter of my life that involved cancer was meant to be over and done with.

I have no idea what to do, what to say, what to feel, I have no idea about anything anymore. The first time I was diagnosed I was (I thought & tried) so strong and didn't get involved in any support groups as I worked the whole way through and once I had had the treatemnt that was it I was done with Cancer. But this time I think I am gonna need something. Just to read and listen to other peoples stories in the Hopes and Hurdles Information Guide is such a comfort to know I am not alone. It has really been an awesome resource. Thank you to the BCNA and the wonderful people who created and contributed to it.

Well that's my story. I have contemplated deleting it about 20 times since I started typing, thinking I have given way too much information and that no one is going to be interested in my waffleing on. But you know what I actually feel better just for typing it. So even if no one was to read it that's ok I have achived something from posting it anyway. Good luck and bless you all what ever your journey. (please ignor spelling)

Leisa xo




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Dear Leisa,

I am so sorry to hear your story. I am one of the many women connected to this site who are living with secondary breast cancer. You will find valuable support and information here.

Most of us find it helpful to tell our stories and never feel you are just waffling on. I don't have advice to offer, but my heart goes out to you in what seems to be a particularly difficult situation. Reach out for whatever support is available.

Best wishes.....     Pam

Hello and welcome.:)

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Leisa,don't ever delete your blog posts.You can write whatever you like and how much you like on here,and no one will judge you.You have had such a rough time of things,and when I read stories like yours,I am in awe of your strength,although I guess you don't feel that way.I know that lots of other ladies will come on here to support and help you.Just a couple of weeks ago,a lady who is pregnant,posted a blog on here about her cancer.
You say you have no idea what to do anymore,and no one would expect you to feel differently,however I think that this network of FANTASTIC ladies,is going to be here for you,each and every day,24/7.I As you said,you are not alone,and with a ton of support,I believe you will do what you need to do.You have already gone through so much more than a lot of us. I am sending you the biggest cyber hug that I can,and wish you all the best.I hope to see more long blog posts from you! do you live Leisa.

Welcome Leisa

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Hi, welcome to the site, you will find support from all the wonderful ladies. I'm sorry to read your story and I'm glad you didn't delete it, sharing will hopefully ease your burden a little. I'm not on facebook either, this site is quite different, we don't judge. Like Robyn said, I'm in awe of your strength. I wish you well with whatever you need to do, and I'm sending you a massive cyber hug:) Type as many big blogs as you need to, we will always listen,

Hazel xx

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Dear Leisa

I cannot even begin to imagine what you and your family are going through but my prayers are with you and know that there are all these lovely ladies on here who are in your corner - supporting you! Please keep blogging because it really helps to share your thoughts and experiences and it helps all of us on here as well.  

Big hugs and love


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 Hi Lisa, welcome. So glad you did not delete. Bloging really helps to get things off your chest, no matter what you blog nobody judges you. I found it real helps .

I can not begin to imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry that you are going through it for the second time.  You will find great support on hear. Sending big hugs . Debbie


Welcome :)

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Hi Leisa, welcome to this wonderful site. You will find loads of information and support. Don't ever feel nervous to post; You'll be amazed at how many ppl are here to help you.

I can't imagine what you and your family are going through right now but I'm sending you hugs. Stay positive and know you will be able to get through this and have a beautiful baby again. Hopefully you have a great Oncology team to help.

Where abouts are you from Leisa?

Welcome Leisa

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As Tanya says it helps to share your story and thoughts and it helps us all to try to understand what others are going through. Anytime you need to blog we will do our best to let you know you are never alone.

It must be tremendously difficult for you to find your way forward at the moment, but please know that there are a number of women who have had chemo while pregnant and had beautiful, healthy babies. Facing a diagnosis of secondary cancer at such a time in your young life is just not fair. But you will, I am sure, be inundated with support and you will do what you need to for yourself, your baby and the rest of your family. Please know that my thoughts are with you and I hope that with treatment you can get through the rest of your pregnancy and have some wonderful years with your family. There are many ladies on here who will give you real hope with their stories of living with breast cancer. Sending you hugs and hope. Deanne xx


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Wow!!!!! I don't know what to say but, thank you.

Your kind words, thoughts, encouragement and prayers are so very much appreciated. I will evdevour to return the favour to you all. Although it's not the most ideal of situations it is so amazingly comforting to know that there are others on the same journey thinking and felling the same as me.  My next mission is to read all your stories and I will.

Thanks again for listening, I will keep you all posted.

Leisa xo

HI Leisa,

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Like all the ladies before me I welcome you to this site. I am so pleased that you didn't delete your post, to reach out to others for support and then to recieve that support is uplifting in itself.

There is so much that we can do for each other and the women on this site constantly inspire me to do more.

I find reading blogs for you younger women heartbreaking but its amazing through my radiation l;ast year I met 2 women both 32, one had 2 year old triplets the other a 9 month old baby. They were amazing women, they showed a strength I could only aspire too. They did need help with their babies on treatment days etc and told me that their family and friends network was something that they really relied upon.

Take care and sending you hugs.


Never ever give up!!!

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On reading your story Leisa, I can only say that there are many of us here, who have walked in your shoes and come out the other side stronger than ever! I agree with all of our other "pink sisters"  to never, ever, delete a post at all! We are never judged  by anyone and everyone of us, has something to offer another girl, when we are in dire circumstances ourselves. You, in your post, have given hope to my daughter, even though you may not have thought that was possible, when you sat down to write to us here! My Angie, was diagnosed at 17 weeks pregnant, with her second baby, with a huge Invasive Ca which was Her2+ve. She underwent an immdiate mastectomy and axillary clearance, started 3 months of chemo, rested for 4 weeks, had an early induction at 34 weeks, of a beautiful, perfect, precious, baby girl. Then a rest of another 4 weeks, then resumed 3 months of chemo and straight into radiotherapy for 5 weeks and now on 3 weekly Herceptin for a year. She and her husband tried for 5 years unsuccessfully to get pregnant! Then after a miscarriage, had beautiful Elouise who was only 11 months old when Alexia was born! Angie though she was blessed to have one baby after all those years of heart break. But to have the gift of 2 babies was a miracle. Breast Cancer wasn't part of their plans though!!!!  God if we could only plan our lives and have the expectation that nothing would ever go wrong to upset those plans would be a marvellous outcome!   She would love to have more children, but has accepted that this will not be possible. But she had Alexia without any issues, in spite of the chemo and the Oncologist deciding to treat her as though she wasn't pregnant! You have given her hope that pregnancy is not an impossibility in the future now! The Obstetricin said, "it takes only one egg and one sperm!" Fertility may now not be an issue for them after all! She was so very lucky to keep the pregnancy as she was just into the second trimester.Had she been in the first trimester an abortion would have been encouraged we were told.  You are so much further along, than she was, when she embarked on her punishing chemo regime. It's amazing how extremely strong that little foetus is and the baby is in the safest place possible! The baby is the least of your worries now Leisa, and when born, it will be what you put your heart and soul in to. The one who is going to endure the treatments now is you ! Just remember that you have, all of our hearts and strengths, right behind you as you continue with your treatments. We are so very lucky to have the wonderful Doctors that we do in Australia and who are at the forefront of Breast Cancer treatments, Internationally! Thank God  that both my daughter and I were born here when we were diagnosed otherwise our outcomes may have been very different!!!

I wish you hope and strength and love as you continue this journey, which none of us wanted to ever be on, but some how we mange to get through and every day is DO-ABLE, with the help and encouragement of all the girls on this wonderful Forum!

God Bless. Christine xxxxxxxx

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Hi Christine,

Thank you for your kind words, wow your daughter has been through so much more than myself what a fighter, you must be so very proud. Although I hate to hear the stories it is comforting to know that someone else has been through the same and is doing well. Our little one has been a long time coming and I can't wait to meet him/her. I can't agree with you enough as to how extremely lucky I am for the medical care and treatment I have received all three times. God bless Australia we sure are the lucky country. Thanks again please tell Angie don't give up anything is possible!

Leisa xo

Hi Leisa

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Welcome to this forum and the amazing group of people who offer so much support to all of us. My situation is very different to yours so I don't have any specific words of advice to offer except to say don't ever feel like you need to delete your posts - this is a very caring and supportive group.  During my chemo there was a young woman also having chemo who was clearly pregnant (and got bigger and bigger over the months of chemo). She looked pretty tired as the last cycle came around but I was always impressed by her resilience and cheery nature...being pregnant can be tough enough, without having chemo as well. But it is clearly do-able and you will be in good hands with the doctors and nurses in our hospitals. I wish you all the very best. xo


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Hello Leisa, Wow, I hardly know what to say after all the great and encouraging things I've just read from the other ladies.  I just felt that I needed to say 'something' to let you know that like all the others I care. We are all sisters in this terrible fight against the monster  that has invaded our bodies and changed our lives so much. We are a family of fighters and survivors Leisa. No doubt every one of us will be praying for you and following your journey as closely as we can. I'm sure the others will agree with me when I say that when you get cancer, you find that you feel 'one' with the other ladies that are fighting this battle. You share their fears, their pain and their hope to make it through. No matter how bad you feel, stay in touch with us--share it with us, we are all with you and we will help keep you strong, just as we keep each other strong by sharing our journeys, thoughts and feelings. Your baby will be truly blessed to have such a beautiful and courageous mother.



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