Posted by Chris P on 14 Jul 2014, 05:31PM

So I went for a wee trip up to the radiation clinic got measured up,poked, prodded, drawn on and tattooed. My radiation oncologist popped in to see me, along with some young bloke who was a trainee or something. It made me realise, I don't even bother to cover the boobs up any more, just whack em out and get them on display. I walk in to any examination room now and yank my my top and bra off automatically assuming the position ( you know the one, the playboy pose, chest out arms behind head). I find myself shouting at people in white coats "oh hello there, do you want to see my knockers?" Gave the bloke behind the butchers counter in Woolies ever such a shock I can tell you!
Breast Cancer is a bit like like childbirth in that respect, you don't care about your dignity, bring a marching band into the room if you like but just get this bloody thing out of me!!!
On another note, I'm still on Tamoxifen, I've started to get face fuzz, my joints are still pretty sore but the irrational mood swings have calmed a wee bit. Mind you I got really worked up last week, we finally got dates through to start radiation, which allowed us to finally book our break to Singapore that we promised ourselves at the start of all this crap. We spent the weekend trawling online looking at hotels and flights. We decided on a hotel near Chinatown, a small boutique hotel ( hubby reckoned it looked like a house of ill repute due to the chandeliers and velvet in the rooms, over the top I know but different). I popped in to travel agents to see if they could beat the deal and I came out all booked in to a completely different the hell did that happen!! I was ok until I got home and looked at the new hotel online ( agent had shown me pics in the shop) and I got really worked up, I decided I did not like this hotel.....the main reason being .......the room walls were beige! I have beige walls in my house, most hotel rooms I've been in were beige, I'd actually turned down another hotel she'd shown me because the room walls were lime green! But no I got it in to my head that after all this crap we've dealt with, I did not want a boring beige hotel! Hubby came home, realised I was having a physcho episode and tried to reassure that the hotel would be fine, I was almost in tears over the colour of a bloody hotel room! I went off and made dinner and realised a an hour later that I was fine, I wasn't bothered about the hotel anymore, it was like I'd hit the off switch! I then realised that perhaps this was due to the tamoxifen and those bloody hormones again! Totally irrational over reaction. I think I'm going to see if it continues to happen and if it does I will mention it to my oncologist, that's if they don't put me in a straight jacket first!



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Your posts make me laugh:)I am on Tamoxifen,and have been for about 6 months now.When I think about it,I can recall moodiness in the beginning,which I feel has eased off now.I definitely have the face fuzz,but nothing much else any more.All the best with your radiotherapy.CheersxoxRobyn


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You make me smile, and believe me, nothing much has lately. I have not long started my hormones (anastrozole), no dramatic effects. Moody, face fuzz etc. I can understand the beige problem, would have reacted the same way. Glad you found the off switch:) Should be a good holiday for you, thanks for seeing the light side of things and again, for making me smile, take care, 

Hazel xx


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Hazel I honestly think I'd have gone nuts if I hadn't laughed at myself and the ridiculousness of the whole BC experience!

Smile between dishes & working

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Hi Hazel. I'm new to this site, haven't even finished my profile but came across your post as I mentioned between doing dishes and working (I work at home as a mobile travel agent). Loved it, was getting moody myself and I'm not even on anything but this lifted the 'moment'. Cheers.


Hi jackie

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Hi jackie, it's a long hard slog but you will get through it! This site has been a godsend of information and help x

Chris P


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