Radiotherapy & swelling

Posted by Icypole on 27 Jan 2014, 03:51PM

I'm currently 3 weeks into my 6-week treatment of radiotherapy and my breast is quite sore and swollen. I believe this is common but what can I do to relieve the heat & pain generated by the swelling. Had thought about a packet of frozen peas but was told by the nurse that was not an option!
I don't have much redness otherwise and am using sorbelene cream for that, but the pain & swelling starting to be a bother.
Forgot to mention I had a lumpectomy.

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Pain and swelling

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Hi I was recommended Rad -X  R which you can get online from the US and has lidocaine in it which helps with pain. It took about a week to get here though.

It worked well for me. Also cold ocean water was great and cold packs.

Good luck xxx

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Hi Icypole :) 

I suffered during radiation too. was told soov cream was good for pain and itchyness. keep your skin moist. i was also on regular pain drugs for the pain. some of the other girls use cold facewashers and aloevera straight from the plant to help with radiotherapy. The number one rule is always ask your nurses before trying anything. 

I also learnt this at school. might help your swelling. 

During and after radiation therapy, you should do simple stretching exercises each day to keep full movement in your chest, arm, and shoulder muscles. The tissue damage from radiation treatment continues over decades, so plan to make these simple stretching exercises a long-term part of your daily routine.

This may also help the pain improve. only do a little bit - do not overdo it. 


Hope this helps. You know where to find me :-) 



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I had pain,swelling and redness too.I soaked in a warm salt bath every night and that helped.I also took pain killers when I needed to.My skin never broke but my boob was glowing like a hot plate by the end of treatment.Good luck. Tonya xx

Hi Mate

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I just finsihed my treatment on the 9th.. the last couple of weeks before the end and then for about another two after where my worst as far as the redness, swelling goes. One thing I did espcially on hot days, I had 'hydrosorb' dressings (given to me by the nurses) I wld pop them in the freezer and alternate them, they worked a treat and sometimes i'd have 2-3 under my bra. They are cold-yes, but such a relief when put on, they also protect your nipple and skin from rubbing on your bra. Of couorse they dont stay cold and werent designed to be ice-packs ... however because they are gel dressings they not only protect you, but can also act as a temporary "ice-pack" if you wish. Give that a was agreat little tip passed on to me and I loved it! :) Good on you to for making it how far you have already...thats awesome! 



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I found that the swelling and heat from my breast were difficult to deal with, I used pain killers and switched from sorbelene to solugel.

The solugel is what they use when the skin breaks and as it is a gel it cools. I found that gave me much more relief.


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Hey icypole

Sorry to hear you are having radiotherapy issues.

I hope the posts above have given you some wonderful ideas.  I didn't have any major major issues so can't really help.  I just used basic non perfumed sorbolene cream the hospital gave me, I did try the aloe vera plant until nurse told me not to :-( and I aired mine as much as I could which was easy for me as I was staying in a one room lil place on my own so no one noticed, I made sure I didn't wear anything at all that caused friction or rubbed on that area.  I used cold flannels and took pain killers when necessary. 

I have attached a link from a post that is  on here re aloe vera. I now believe I would have used the aloe vera plant as long as I made sure there was no dirt or sand etc. on the piece of aloe I was using.  Link is

Best of luck luvly, Mich xoxoxoxo



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