Pain in right breast

Posted by tan_g on 28 Jan 2014, 10:08AM

Hi girls... Just a quick question... I had a bilateral mastectomy in March 2013 with immediate reconstruction with expanders.

I had my permanent implants put in May 2013.

I am having some terrible pain in my right side, like someone is stabbing a knife in, and my right side is also very sore to touch.

Left side is fine, no problems at all.

Has anyone else experienced this?  What should i do?



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Hey Tan so luvly to hear from you precious.  Sorry it got to be to hear you have issues.

There is a fabulous group of here called just Breast Reconstruction.  Can I suggest you also put a post there and see if anyone can relate to that.

You need to get yourself to your GP.  You need to also see your surgeon you had for reconstruction.

Def get yourself off to your GP but luvly.

Hope life is okay for you otherwise.  So nice to see your face in your profile pic.

Please let us know of how this new worry gets worked out for you.

Luv n hugs, Mich xoxoxoxoxo


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Thanks so much Mich.....try not to worry...but as you know its hard..

So Ive rang my surgeon, and now im coming back to Perth next Sunday for an appt with my Breast Surgeon and my plastic surgeon. 

See what they think I guess and go from there.

Lots love Tan


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If you need somewhere to stay hun there is always my place in Midland.

Thinking of you.

Mich xoxoxoxoxo



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