Funny story?

Posted by poppy7 on 22 Dec 2012, 04:07PM

I finally got my drains removed yesterday, and decided to meet up in town for a drink with some ex work mates.  Thing is, I havent received any sort of padding or prothesis.  Well, raided the sock drawer and it turns out 6 or so pairs of knee high stockings will do the trick!  Lucky i am small breasted!  Anyway, due to meet at a "certain" pub, all my workmates are male, and it turns out to be a tittie bar!  Ha ha, the irony.....


Merry Christmas everybody


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I'm still getting over the fact that you have 6 pairs of knee high stockings!

              Merry Christmas from Tonya xx

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That really did make me lol!!

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Thanks for the laugh, I'm picturing it now!



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