Teeth problems after chemo

Posted by Lone on 29 Sep 2013, 01:43PM

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has had problems with their teeth after chemo.

I am experiencing cracks, chips and tooth falling away from my excisting fillings.

I also find the emamel now is no where near as strong and I am having to use a very soft tooth brush all the time.

Please help - I am getting rather concerned.



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Yes Lone I can relate to that.  My teeth feel like they are all just falling apart.

Mich xoxoxo

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Hi Lone

yes i was one who had teeth issues, as the chemo affects a whole bunch of body cells and functions.  my teeth became mobile,  so moved and are uneven now, but they eventually stopped moving so I can look at getting them re-aligned.  Not in any hurry on that. 

Also I found the enamel wore out somehow and my teeth became super sensitive to things like sugar, orange juice, tomatoes.  You can buy toothpaste that helps build enamel,  and it too has gone back to normal, although this did occur in the 12-18 months after treatment, rather than during treatment.

I am over 2 years post chemo,  and mostly everything is back to 'normal' or should i say, as it was 'before', although not all,  my eyebrows and eyelashes are still short and thin,  not like others,  so just depends on your individual type and which chemo.  I had a taxotere, which is pretty strong and has many side and after effects, - but hey it worked, still here ! :)

cheers B

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My teeth very sensitive I use a sensitive toothpaste seems to help but sometimes ouch they hurt. Not a lover of the dentist but need to go and get an opinion. I finished chemo in July last year. Seems we are lef with a few niggling issues. Regards Deb

Hi Lone

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Through chemo I had three fillings crumble and fall out. Had to see my dentist three times and get temporary fillings. Now one of the temp fillings has cracked and is lose. So another trip to my dentist. I am not one to go to the dentist regularly and haven't had much problems in the past but now I think my teeth are super sensitive and I still have dry mouth even though chemo finished at the end if June. Chemo must effect teeth as well as hair and nails. I suggest you see your dentist and have a thorough checkup. I'm going to need four crowns in the near future and I'm not looking forward to that, or the money there're going to cost.
Janey xxx

teeth problems after chemo

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Thanks for all your comments, looks like im not the only one with teeth issues. I think a trip to the dentist is in order not that I will enjoy that.  But it is very nice to know I am not alone in this. These are all the things they don't tell you about. But hey im still here almost 1st anniversary 



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