time for a holiday

Posted by Lone on 08 May 2013, 11:51PM

Hi all and Happy Mothers Day to all for Sunday.

Haven't posted much of late but have been traveling ok.. chemo now finished woot and have just had my port removed so that was grand as it was not the most comfortable thing I have ever had. Coped with chemo really well with aching bones and hot flushes the worst effects I had. Didn't feel that sick so was lucky but had major heartburn and reflux instead. I am now on Tamoxifen and still have major hot flushes 20 to 30 a day very annoying. Any suggestions on how to help me deal with them would be great as they are very tiresome. 

How long does it take for your hair to start growing back it has been about 6 weeks since my last chemo and I am still very bald.

Finishing on a high note my husband and I are off to Phuket on Sunday for a well deserved holiday after the rollercoaster ride for the last 6 months. Really looking forward to relaxing by the pool and spending some quality time with Darren my rock, the most amazing husband who has been at my side through this whole experience. 

We are even taking a pink lady with us 

Cheers Lone xo


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Hi Lone, congratulations on finishing chemo. The hot flushes are the pits, but hopefully they will soon settle down. I still get them and it has been about 6 or 7 years, but I had them before cancer. They are not as extreme as they use to be, thankgoodness, and sometimes I will go for several hours without one, which is great. Wear layers of clothing, so you can remove things when they hit. HRT worked beautifully for 3 months, but when I was given a breast cancer diagnosis I had to stop. My hair has come back really well from chemo, but it does seem to take awhile. I finished chemo at the end of March 2 years ago. I had enough hair to go without my wig by the end of September that year. It was short and curly but it was all mine. My hair is still curly, and I visit the hairdresser every 6 weeks for a cut and colour, and it looks good. Best of luck with everything. Love Chris xx

time for a holiday

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Thanks Chris for your tips not to happy to here you still have flushes 6 years on :( ....I do wear layers but at work its a bit hard as I am a chef ...the cool room is my friend lol 

From what I am reading hair growth can vary in speed , I can just hope I have some hair for my sons wedding in sept this year otherwise I will be wearing a really nice gold scalf to match my dress. 

Thanks for the reply hope all goes well for you too lone xo



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