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Posted by Lone on 13 Dec 2012, 12:02PM

Well surgury went well and healing slowly, drain tubes came out yesterday, after being in for 14 days, was told it wasn't doing much, but now i have to go and get it asperated as a pocket of fluid has formed under the skin. its like i have a waterbed for a boob :) . have to laugh about it or would spend all day crying.if its not one thing its another :) the never ending roller coaster that we cant get off at the momment. 

off to Oncology on wednesday 19th to find out the chemo plan for after christmas.



Hello Lone

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Yes it really is a roller coaster ride and all you can do is "hold on" really tightly.  It sometimes concerns me greatly the number of women and men who are in this "Club" without wanting to be here.  But other times I say "this is how it is" and get the most out of my day.  When I saw your abbreviated name I wondered if you were "Leonie" then I saw your profile.  One of my sisters (I have 4) calls me Lone as well.  There are not too many of us around.  I hope you get your "waterbed" sorted before Xmas.  I had my second diagnosis on 20-12-2012 and next week on the anniversary I am having my regular portacath flush.  One way to celebrate heh??  Keep on smiling. XLeonie


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Hi Leonie

,There is not to many of us i think in all my 43years i have met or known about 5 Leonie's we are special :).........I have 3 sisters and they all call me Lone.

the asperation went well was worried it was going to hurt but still very numb from surgury so pain less ( way cool) cause not really into pain much. But really do think it might have been a waste of time cause fluid is building up again, it is a bit uncomfortable but hey they say my body will absorb it lol.

so the rollercoaster ride continues ........

Smiles Lone




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