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Posted by belmckenna on 05 Apr 2014, 09:38AM

Hi to all the ladies who still get onto the website even after they have finished treatment.  I stil have my portal in my chest and have it flushed every 6 weeks, so I feel I am still connected here.  (said with a smile).  Wow that damn port annoyed me for about 6 months, my bra strap rubbed against it etc.  Now I dont notice it.  Although I am a bit numb behind my armpit from surgeries, I dont notice that either now.  

Have been having some Chiropractic work done on my back, had been 2 years since Id been.  I have noticed a difference and although I have to go each week at the moment, my back and neck are way happier.  

Still studying, and luckily working with a good group of people who dont point out my memory is a bit shabby.  Very tolerant.  It did take me a few months to settle back into work, but it is alright now and I have just been given  5 more house, so only 5 under the 30 I had.  Still do hair cuts on week ends, which is grately appreciated.  If you live in Launceston and want a great hairdresser, let me know!

I went in the "Relay for Life" with 2 friends I met during my year with Cancer.  I am so glad to have finally joined a club and made friends from it.  I had shifted 8 times 9 years, and found it difficult to make friends before.  Bonus! 

Hope you are all doing well, and would love to hear your news.





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Hi Bel,I always love to read your posts .I am getting back to normal as well.I am taking Tamoxifen,with no real issues.My exercise is the important thing in my life,and I let NOTHING get in the way of doing it.I go to a gym class that has started at RPA where I had my treatment,and I love it.It kind of makes me feel still connected,which is important to how I feel,even though I'm not really sure why; because I have great support from my family as well.My husband and I have just had 2 new foster children placed with us,so for me that's kind of like going back to work.Nice to hear from you Bel! Take care.xox. Robyn

Hey Bel.

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Hi Bel,

Just want to say good luck with your cancer journey. Mine started in August of 2011 and finished in March of 2012. I had a PICC line with issues which was bad enough, so I don't envy you with an actual port inserted. I had mine for about 4+ months from memory. Chemo brain still visits me to this day however!!! LOL!!! A friend of mine who had Bowel Cancer had a port too and she said it was a constant annoyance too with her bra strap. You think they could find a much better place to put one huh? LOL!!!

Anyway good luck and take care always XXX Mia.

Hi Bel :)

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You look great once again lovely pic:) & Bel I have replyed to your message you sent me:) X

Hi Bel

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Great to hear you are doing well. Ihad a port put in in Jun 2013 and had no trouble they saked me were my bra strap sat. I get mine flushed every 4 weeks. Some people ask when im having it taken out but i say i dont non because it does help you still feel safe knowing you connected its strange to try to explain it to people who dont understand what have been and are still going though. Kerri

Hi Bel

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Love your hair and you look so good. I am back working as hairdresser 3 days a week but still get quite tired . Go to Pilates once a week which helps with the shoulder issues and swelling in the breast . Wishing you well Deb.



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