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Posted by belmckenna on 14 Mar 2014, 09:22AM

I often wonder as each month goes by, if I will remember to hop on here and say what is going on, because the further away from treatment, the more you want to forget and move on.  However, I am still happy to be of help to those who want to read from one of the "Survivors".  The two greatest things for me were loss of my long hair, and instant Menopause.  The underarm and preventing lymphoedema - and regaining my memory are other subjects.  Those are the ongoing things.  How it has affected me, the stages, of returning into a work environment, when my job was given away to someone else, etc etc.  "What I think" V/S "What I say" and how to not take what people say personally are really good tools.  (hum “Cos I’m Happy! “Song to self) the way various people behave to us throughout, and how no one ever knows how you feel, because, everyone feels differently any way.  So - yes, we are all different.  I also have had lots of time to think, over that year, as I had to take the year off, and thank goodness we had a little income insurance, via my Superannuation that got us through.  Lucky the relations donated some money our way too.    The financial, well that’s another subject, the Husband during that time, depends on your type of partner, and for those who don’t have local physical support, I get that too.  My family is in S.A.  

During my year, I was lucky to have timed a big 2 day conference about breast cancer, and this lot, asked me to get up and speak in front of 200 peo"ship", and wasn’t nervous at all, because the BCNA had asked for my view of the on line support, so it wasn’t a tricky subject.  This kept me sane, when I didn’t have the luxury of friends here to help. 

I still think I have long hair in my dreams, and yet I don’t.  I make jokes about having a party when my fringe reaches my eyebrows, and what’s funny about it is, no-one knows how much it means to me as a lifelong fringe wearer.  (Smiling). 

I am well aware of what I need to be grateful of, as I am still here, still have both breasts, and what those doctors did, well, it WORKED!    Fingers crossed for a long future hey!  Note to self:  keep practising relaxion techniques, and yoga stretches.  Walk for a half hour each day.

Until next time, hang in there! Love Bel


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What a positive read thanks for sharing as I'm newly diagnosed its good to read there are more survivors now these days

Thank you

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For taking the time to respond.  I am only returning the gift that people gave to me........hope.  It works! X Bel

Hello Bel :)

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You are one of the people on here that everyone would hope always stays connected to this network.You have a real way of saying what is important to others throughout this journey.I love the way that you randomly post about different subjects,and they are always interesting.Dont stop Bel xoxRobyn

Thanks Robyn

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I always appreciate your feedbacj about my posts.  Its nice to know it is what people want to read.  I want it to reach out to those who are just starting too, to make them feel it will "be ok", as I felt, each day I got on line to seek hope and advice! X Bel

Hi Bel,

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I agree I wondered along the way would I keep popping onto the site once my journey was over but I feel like I am still on my journey that its continuous.

Yes my surgeries are over with and yes my treatments are done but I am still playing with the medications and that in it self is a nightmare.

I suppose my biggest thing is that I want to give back, through out my time I was blown away by the kindness of others, the willingness to assist in even the smallest way and I would dearly love to be part of that for others.

Of course I plan to do a yearly fundraiser too, my last years was a great success and lets hope this year is too.

Beside which I love hearing what is happening with you, keep on coming back Bel, we need you.



Hi Donna

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Exactly right.  I feel like I want to reach out and help, because it meant the world to me, when I got on here and you said stuff like "Hang in there Bel, you will get through.  Be kind to yourself, you have been through a lot" etc, and just to feel listened to, understoood, and supported, meant a huge amount.  I am looking forward to helping with the Pin Bun event soon too.  xx Bel


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I am a new member here, have read a few posts over the last couple of weeks and love what you and others have to say as a longer time members.  Being informed and learning what others have been through is great, given it is all so new to some of us.  Thanks Bel.

Hi Bel

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I love reading your posts & your fringe looks fact you look wonderful considering what you have been are an inspiration to all... Take care Bel & big (( hugs)) to you... Christine :) x

From bald to fringe

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Dear Christine, we all love a good compliment, and you have really been such a positive source for me.  I love a good ol' bit of a pat on the back, and you have been very kind along the way!  Take care too, x Bel


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Hi bel, honestly it only seems like yesterday we ere all giving each other comfort and advice, you my love have grown and grown with strength, I'm glad to have been on your journey reading your blogs. Xxxadean

Thank you for being there

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Knowing we are being listened to and having warm responses is all we ask.  Thank you for being there all the way Adean.  I have gone back to the same life I had before, with the challenges of having had a year away can bring.  I have found it stressful, but just do what I can to manage.  I had my first experience with true food poisoning on Saturday, out of the blue, it was the worst.  So glad I wasnt sick during my Chemo!  This was the pits.  But ok now. 

In my early days I always pushed myself to do things that werent easy, or may be I just pushed myself and nothing was easy.  But I have always thought how I can look back over each 5 years and see if I have used my time well. When I was 21 my tax man asked me "What are you going to do over the next 5 years?"  and I said "I dont know"  and he said "If you make no plans, nothing may happen!"  So I took his advice from then on.  I dont plan ahead like that any more, happy to just get plan weeks ahead instead.  I do book in phone calls to remind myself to ring friends I can see, and book in coffee's and I book in and organise my time, so I dont waste it.  For me, there wasnt a pot of gold at the end of surviving cancer, just the life I had left before.   So I aim to appreciate that it is up to me, to enjoy the simple things in life, and not to waste time either.  Take care Adean. X Bel



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