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Diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Stage 2, Grade 3. October 2012.

2 operations. Lump removed and nodes.  Clear margins around lump.

Found lump just below 2cms in size.  Early Breast Cancer.  Mother had breast cancer at 55 yo and now in her 70's.

Currently not at work and had Chemotherapy 7 times and about to have Radiation on May 22nd for 6 weeks.  Finishes on July 11th 2013

Hairdresser for 20 years, and  currently - 5 years as a Pharmacy Assistant.

Married for 7 years to Sean .


Nov 2013 Returned to work

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Life is settling in

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Posted by belmckenna on 05 Apr 2014, 08:38AM

Hi to all the ladies who still get onto the website even after they have finished treatment.  I stil have my portal in my chest and have it flushed every 6 weeks, so I feel I am still connected here.  (said with a smile).  Wow that damn port annoyed me for about 6 months, my bra strap rubbed against it etc.  Now I dont notice it.  Although I am a bit numb behind my armpit from surgeries, I dont notice that either now.  


Pending Fringe Party

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Posted by belmckenna on 14 Mar 2014, 08:22AM

I often wonder as each month goes by, if I will remember to hop on here and say what is going on, because the further away from treatment, the more you want to forget and move on.  However, I am still happy to be of help to those who want to read from one of the "Survivors".  The two greatest things for me were loss of my long hair, and instant Menopause.  The underarm and preventing lymphoedema - and regaining my memory are other subjects.  Those are the ongoing things.  How it has affected me, the stages, of returning into a work environment, whe

I expected to be ok!

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Posted by belmckenna on 27 Feb 2014, 07:55AM

I didn't care what type of cancer I had, or the technical details, I left that to the people who had spent all those years at Uni to know all of that.  

Have a great day

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Posted by belmckenna on 25 Feb 2014, 07:55AM

Wishing everyone good luck in the Launceston 5km fun run coming up.

I am going into the Relay for Life, which is at the end of March on the Saturday and Sunday.

8 months passed the treatment

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Posted by belmckenna on 19 Feb 2014, 07:10AM

I read the wonderful messages about how different life is for people after battling the cancer experience, and I decided to put my thoughts down, because we are all different.

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  • Name:  Mrs Belinda McKenna
  • Gender:  Female
  • Marital status:  Married
  • About:  20 years of hairdressing, then 5 years as a Pharmacy Assistant. Married for 6 years. Grindelwald TAS. 1 and half yrs. No children

My diagnosis

  • Breast cancer experience: 
    I have been diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Diagnosis type: 
    Early Breast Cancer
  • Diagnosis date:  15/10/2012


  • Hobbies: 
    Craft activities, Fitness and sports, Reading
  • Breast cancer-related interests: 
    Impact on relationships, Rural and remote issues, Workplace and career

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