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Diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Stage 2, Grade 3. October 2012.

2 operations. Lump removed and nodes.  Clear margins around lump.

Found lump just below 2cms in size.  Early Breast Cancer.  Mother had breast cancer at 55 yo and now in her 70's.

Currently not at work and had Chemotherapy 7 times and about to have Radiation on May 22nd for 6 weeks.  Finishes on July 11th 2013

currently - 8 years as a Pharmacy

Hairdresser for 20 years, and   Assistant.

Married for 7 years to Sean .




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Recommend a Doctor

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Posted by belmckenna on 27 Jan 2015, 08:13AM

I would appreciate a recommendation to be able to see a GP here in my new area of Sydney we have just moved to.  No place like the BCNA to ask such an important question.

WHO IS THE BEST GP NORTH/WEST SYDNEY.  Just moved and need to continue on with monitoring after the all clear, two years on.

I really appreciate it.  

Thank you from Bel Mc

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Posted by belmckenna on 27 Jan 2015, 08:04AM

Hello Sydney ladies!  I have just moved to Sydney and about to begin new job.  At the end of last year there was a mad rush to see my 2 specialists to get the ok to have my Infusion Port removed from chest.  I was awake when they removed it, and it was pain free and fast.  I also have the information in my envelope to give to the next Doctor.  I am 2 years past diagnosis and they said they still monitor for 3 years very consistently.  

I didnt admit to any one I had had Cancer of course when going for an interview.

Cancer Free

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Posted by belmckenna on 14 Dec 2014, 09:02AM

Christmas 2014 and it is now 2 years since my diagnosis.  I have just had my infusion port removed and have a chance to face the rest of my life without that constant reminder.  My right armpit is good for that!  Smile.  

We are moving to Annangrove which is North-West Sydney.

I have brushed up my CV and looking for my next place of employment.

Merry Christmas and may those who have been through it, and are Triple Negative - like me live a long life

Best wishes, Bel


Infusion Port Removal

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Posted by belmckenna on 04 Dec 2014, 07:10AM

Hi to all, need to get an updated picture on here quick smart, my hair is long enough to put up now!  I have just finished my first year back since return to work after Cancer treatment.  I have just passed my year of study, and just finished Certificate III in Community Pharmacy, as a Pharmacy Assistant.  Now my husband has a job in Sydney, and we are moving to North Sydney in the new year  leaving the tranquility of Tasmania behind us.  I wanted to stay but the work opportunity has called us back to the Mainland.

September 2014

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Posted by belmckenna on 12 Sep 2014, 10:15AM

Time is flying by and I just have 5 minutes to hop on and say hello.  It is nearly a year since I returned back to work at the Pharmacy as an assistant.

Starting with 20 hours a week and then 25 and now stretching to 30.  I have also been studying since going back, which was an issue because my mind was like mush for the first 4 months back.  I took a whole year off,  and had 6 chemo, followed by radiation for 6 weeks.  Trip Neg BC.  

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  • Name:  Mrs Belinda McKenna
  • Gender:  Female
  • Marital status:  Married
  • About:  20 years of hairdressing, then 5 years as a Pharmacy Assistant. Married for 7 years. Now Cancer Free. Moving to Sydney Jan 2015

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  • Breast cancer experience: 
    I have been diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Diagnosis type: 
    Early Breast Cancer
  • Diagnosis date:  15/10/2012


  • Hobbies: 
    Craft activities, Fitness and sports, Reading
  • Breast cancer-related interests: 
    Workplace and career, Medical research

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