Join our online network

If you would like to share your experiences with others, but can't find a support group in your area, then you might like to join our online network.

The online network gives you the ability to find individuals and groups of people in similar situations, regardless of location, who you might like to connect with.

  • You can control your privacy settings and determine how much information you reveal about yourself to others.
  • You can join in discussion groups and send messages to others.
  • You can keep friends and family up-to-date through your own personal online diary.

How to join

1. Register for the network

  • Registering for the network is easy.  Just go to the network registration page and fill out the form. A confirmation email will be sent to you so you can complete the registration process.
  • Once you have registered, you will be able to set up a profile so you can participate in the network.

2. Keeping a blog

The online network will also give you the option to keep a blog, which is sometimes described as a 'online diary'. It can be a useful tool throughout your breast cancer journey because:

  • it can be very therapeutic to write about your experiences
  • it's optional to share your experiences publicly, but your story may provide support and comfort to other people in the same situation
  • it's an easy way to keep family and friends up-to-date with your progress -- rather than telling your news over and over again, they can simply log in and read your blog online.

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Looking for face-to-face support?

There are currently over 260 BCNA Member Groups that provide mostly face-to-face support for women and families in communities right around the country.

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