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Hearing stories from people who have travelled a similar path can be a great source of hope and inspiration as they reflect, through the words of the writer, the impact of breast cancer and the issues it raises.

Many stories can be found in the online network section of the website. Others are featured under particular topics throughout the site, such as those listed in the sidebar to the right of the screen.

Where to find personal stories

  • Visit our online network. Most of our members have a story to tell about their experience with breast cancer. You don't need to be a member to browse the online network, but we would welcome you joining up and adding your story. You can search for members by keyword, breast cancer experience, location, etc.
  • Digital storytelling project. This is a video gallery of stories that represent a wide range of different experiences and demonstrate the enormous and diverse impact of breast cancer in the community. Each story is accompanied by a short introduction so you can choose which stories you want to watch.
  • Personal stories by category. Many personal stories are also included in the different sections of the website, because they can be a great source of information and inspiration. The sidebar on this page (right) provides links to the main categories, but you will also see 'personal stories' listed as a menu item in many different sections of the site.
  • The Beacon and The Inside Story magazines. Subscribe to The Beacon or The Inside Story. Stories in both magazines are written by women who have experienced breast cancer.

Ways you can tell your story

  • Post your story in the online network: When you set up your profile in our online network, you will have an opportunity to add your personal story as part of your profile. You can also read the stories of others and join an online interest group.
  • Feature stories in The Beacon or The Inside Story magazine: We are currently seeking articles and ideas of 200–300 words (about half a page) about how far we have come in breast cancer treatment and care. Were you diagnosed many years ago? What was your experience when you were first diagnosed? If you have been diagnosed recently, how has your experience differed from what you expected?

To submit a story for consideration, email by the end of March 2015. Please also include a high-resolution digital photo, or post your photo to us and we will scan it and return it to you.

Feature stories published on the website are selected from the stories submitted to The Beacon or The Inside Story magazines.



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