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Posted by Barb.trev on 22 Dec 2014, 07:55PM

Any tips on ways to reduce Seroma post surgery

Starting over with exercise

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Posted by Loucobamd in 'Get active and keep well', on 22 Dec 2014, 12:24PM

I would like to share my getting back on track with fitness with you all.
I have just done my first Aqua class at the gym I'm tired but not sore. It was quite a challenge to be in my bathers with only one boob but I must say it wasn't a problem because the water hid everything and I didn't feel too exposed. I was able to find a spot to change in that wasn't too public so that was ok too.

Wait and see

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Posted by Sandyp on 22 Dec 2014, 08:53AM

Do not worry, wait and see. That is what I told myself when I found a lump in my breast. My Doctor confirmed that it was indeed a lump and sent me to see a surgeon, do not worry, wait and see. After my mammogram and Ultrasound I had a fine needle asp of the lump and a odd shaped lymph gland, I could not have a core biopsy as I am taking blood thinners so I had to wait 24 hrs for the results but do not worry. Both came back positive. Then off for staging tests, do not worry wait and see. Today I go back to the surgeon. I am not to worry I will wait and see 

D Day

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Posted by tantick on 22 Dec 2014, 04:32AM


well today is the day...I get my results today post lumpectomy and sentinal node bioposy, feeling anxious today...


Comments from others

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Posted by ChristineB on 21 Dec 2014, 11:46PM

Hi. I have a question that I need opinions on.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I rung my mother ( who lives in another state to me) to let her know. Her reply was "you are a glutton for punishment". This took me aback but I didn't say anything. Do I have a right to be upset about this comment or would it be best just to ignore. I have ignored the comment but I can't help thinking why would a mother say this to her daughter in this situation? Any comments.....

'Twas the scan before Xmas!

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Posted by TonyaM on 21 Dec 2014, 11:02PM

I thought my bad year was behind me! I lost a friend to breast cancer in April, lost my Mum to liver cancer in May and lost my brother-in-law to brain cancer last month. My year was mostly devoted to nursing mum and then sorting out mum's unit in order to sell it (which I did). I had 4 months of extreme dental work, my husband had a gall bladder operation and even the cat had surgery!

Radiation Finished

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Posted by saphire on 21 Dec 2014, 01:57PM

I finished Radiation on Friday a great feeling that part of my journey is over.

I see my oncologist on the 6th of January to continue this process

I wanted to wish everyone a lovely Christmas

Hugs and Love Karen

down day

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Posted by Jenny Gaskell on 21 Dec 2014, 01:25PM

Well from day 1 ive had a great outlook on things, got through nearly everything on my own. Last week more even more good news, i start radiation on the 7th and it will be over on the 29th. BUT today i just fell apart. All i wanted to do was sit in a corner and cry, 4 hours later and im still struggling. I feel ive let my daughter down and it christmas. I love this time of year, but i have no chrissy cheer. I dont want to go out, or really do much. Hubby came home from being away ( hes been home 1 night in 2 weeks) and he couldnt believe what he walked into. Me falling apart.


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Posted by Wendyj in Central Coast Girls, on 21 Dec 2014, 11:11AM

Hi Central Coast Girls. Just wanting to introduce myself to you all and find out if you have regular catch ups or events. I live in the Yarramalong Valley and keen to meet with people who are going through similar experiences and also help with fund raising.

Chillow pillow

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Posted by Robyn W on 21 Dec 2014, 06:50AM

Well,I finally have a chillow pillow!!! I used it for the first time last night,and I had the best sleep I have had for ages.If you are having hot flushes,I suggest trying one of these.They are not expensive at all.My hot flushes have almost stopped at night,but I still don't sleep well,and I wake up several times.Hopefully this is the answer.Cheers Robyn xox

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