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Posted by Elena on 30 Sep 2014, 08:52PM

Hi, This is my first venture in the world of blogging. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer 16 years ago. i was 38 years old. I had a lumpectomy to my right breast followed by radio therapy. I declined chemo as it was early detection and all the lymph nodes removed were clear. Following a recent routine mamnmogram a suspicious area was found in the left breast and on 4/9/14 after a FNB & a core biopsy was done I was told another cancer has started - same area, different side.

Taxotere Truck

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Posted by Huggy1969 on 30 Sep 2014, 04:26PM

Had my first Taxotere on Friday after 3 lots of FEC. Feel like I've been hit by a truck. Side effects much worse than what I experienced with FEC. Anyone else in similar situation? How long did the effects last for? Did anyone change over to weekly doses?
Feeling a bit 'knocked for six' as had the impression this wasn't as bad as FEC.

Our next meeting

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Posted by Lis in South East & Bayside social group, on 30 Sep 2014, 12:06PM

Good afternoon ladies, 

I am wondering when our next meetig is. 


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Posted by rowdy on 30 Sep 2014, 08:57AM

Last night I slept a for 6 hours staight, a long time since I have done that.

This is my last day before i go back to work, Iam anxious and a bit excited, another positive in going forward. Yay

What Follow-up tests do you get?

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Posted by LilyFeb61 on 30 Sep 2014, 06:49AM

I had a mastectomy for primary breast cancer, (Grade 3Her2pos,node neg), then treatment with 6 rounds of Docetaxel and a year of trastuzumab.

My oncologist told me that I have 3wkly regular blood tests while on Docetaxel, and 3monthly regular gated heart tests while on trastuzumab,

But once my year of treatment is over, I will get only an annual mammagram and ultrasound of my remaining breast. No other monitoring tests, unless/until I have symptoms that do not go away that my GP refers me for tests or scans for, eg severe coughs, breathlessness, pain, etc.

breast reconstruction

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Posted by drafter on 29 Sep 2014, 09:32PM

HI, i am looking for other ladies that may have used Dr David Chin, using cell reconstruction. He is in Caboolture private hospital. I am considering this type of reconstruction . If any one would give me a chat i would appreciate some help on this...

kym :)



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Posted by ShellO16 on 29 Sep 2014, 05:14PM

I have just received my script for Tamoxifen and filled it but am after some advice before I commence. 

I had a lumpectomy 2 and a half months ago and last week completed 5 weeks of radiation.

I am still getting a lot of nerve pain and feeling quite fatigued from the radiation and have been advised that it could last for a few weeks yet.

Should I wait until I'm feeling a bit less tired before commencing my medication and can you start on Tamoxifen gradually? I'm worried about the side effects and really just can't deal with them at the moment.

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