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Posted by sonzy on 25 Jan 2015, 09:44AM

Thanks, Louie, for posting the recent article about rippling. I have just developed some so it was good timing. Just wondering if anyone else has had it and if you had it treated in any way.  I'm wondering if it is just something I have to put up with or if I should do something. Some of the methods in the article seemed quite drastic. If there is a fairly simple solution though (fat injections?) I might look into it.



Having a vent - sorry

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Posted by Cook65 on 24 Jan 2015, 11:13AM

I'm wild! So wild I could scream!


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Posted by Lokim on 23 Jan 2015, 07:06PM

All clear of cancer now

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Posted by saphire on 23 Jan 2015, 10:02AM

Hello everyone

I am all clear of cancer now and just need to keep up tablets and followup appointments

I found this foundation the best

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Sleeping posture

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Posted by Gillian2069 on 23 Jan 2015, 04:05AM

I had a Left Side Wide Area Excision and  Axial Clearance in December and I could only sleep on my back at first. It was too uncomfortable to turn on either side. I would wake feeling very stiff because I had held the same position all night.

On the second night I got the bright idea of slipping a pillow under my shoulder blade when I got the urge to turn over. This relieved the morning stiffness a lot.

Now, five weeks later, I still sleep with the pillow at my side. When I turn on my left, I open my right shoulder back against the pillow and doze off again.

Back to work

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Posted by Tan14 on 23 Jan 2015, 12:01AM


I've recently had a double masectomy and am currently going through recontruction. I also have cording which itself if more painful than the masectomy and expanders put together.

I was wondering if anyone else has felt the same? I need to go back to work in a weeks time and being a new job I am feeling the pressure. It's been 6 weeks since my op and i just feel I cant  go back to work, even though physically I suppose I can besides the cording, its the mental stress thats starting the anxiety.

Brain tumour

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Posted by Sarah54 on 22 Jan 2015, 11:51PM

Hello Pink family

Feb 10th I am having brain surgery. Shit scared but will of course pitch up. They wanted it next week but one of my daughters is getting married Jan 31st which is pretty special, Then honeymoon and grand daughter needs to be with me. I feel lucky dates are fitting in. The larger it grows the better to remove so I am told. two weeks is nothing in the great scheme of things. Please think about me on Feb 10th. i WILL BE BACK

love Sarah54

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