Złomowanie pojazdów

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Posted by wolf32 on 30 Jul 2014, 04:30AM

Po złomowanie pojazdów konieczne jest uzyskanie potwierdzenia dotyczącego demontażu  samochodu, by móc go ostatecznie wyrejestrować w urzędzie komunikacji, i wypowiedzieć polise OC.

nieznany numer

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Posted by tirryt on 29 Jul 2014, 10:40PM

Half way through chemo!

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Posted by Karen T on 29 Jul 2014, 10:21PM

Well I havent posted for a while here as I just hate typing out longish things on my phone and I havent even turned on my laptop in weeks and weeks........Anyway.

I had only mild (meaning managable) side effects with my first and second round of TC.

A disgusting tongue for the first week and a bit after each dose.

Bone ache in my ankles, knees and shins.

A blood in my nose each morning.

Speradic dodgy gut.

Do I Will Need Wedding Insurance Coverage

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Posted by mampin on 29 Jul 2014, 09:52PM
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działka nad morzem

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Posted by mampin on 29 Jul 2014, 09:47PM

Expander Update 2

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Posted by sonzy on 29 Jul 2014, 08:18AM

Thought I would do an update. I know I go looking for other posts from people doing the expander then silicon implant process so it may be helpful to others.

A/C chemo

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Posted by donnampearce on 29 Jul 2014, 05:33AM

Who would have ever thought that the lovely red drug and it's partner could be so nasty.

I have just completed my second lot of A/C chemotherapy on Monday. It has been a week since that happened and it feels great to feel half normal.

Here is how I felt after having the chemothrapy.....


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