BCNA launches new active and well initiative!

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Posted by Steph Fletcher in BCNA, on 11 Aug 2014, 12:56PM

Morning everyone,

My name is Steph, I have recently joined BCNA as the Active and Well Programs Officer and I’ve been very busy working on a new initiative.

We’re thrilled to be launching Active and Well After Breast Cancer, an initiative designed to assist women to lead a healthier lifestyle after having breast cancer.

Active and Well After Breast Cancer is a pilot initiative for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer up to three years ago from Melbourne’s North West suburbs. Central to the initiative is the delivery of an information day which will help women to understand more about the benefits of regular physical activity and healthy eating after a breast cancer diagnosis.

The initiative will provide an opportunity for women to connect and share with others in their community who also want to take charge of their health and wellbeing and link women with local community-based health programs to help them maintain an active lifestyle.

Registrations are now open for the information day which will be held in Flemington (Victoria) on September 4 2014 and is open to women from across the north western suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne, including Altona, Fitzroy, Whittlesea, Sunbury and Taylors Lakes.

For more information about the initiative or to register for the Active and Well After Breast Cancer information day at Flemington please call BCNA on 1800 500 258.

I look forward to meeting some of you at the information day next month!


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Well I'm in Sydney so that's no help,but I just want to say what a GREAT idea.I had my treatment at Chris O'Brien LifeHouse in Sydney,and they are really big on exercise and healthy nutrition,throughout treatment and afterwards also.Perhaps some of the ideas from the information day could be posted on here? Just an idea.Cheers Robyn

Hi there!

Steph Fletcher's picture

Lovely to hear from you Robyn and thanks for your kind words and feedback. As you can probably tell, we are really excited to be working on such a positive initiative.

It sounds as though you had a good experience at Chris O'Brien LifeHouse in Sydney which is great to hear.

Thought you might like to know, as a part of Active and Well After Breast Cancer we will be delivering a monthly e-newsletter. The e-newsletter will include current information, helpful services and people, apps and ideas to help you manage and take charge of your health and wellbeing.

Please let me know if you would like to be added to the distribution list - we would love all interested women to receive a copy!
If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch
Thanks again,


Robyn W's picture

I would love to be added to the list:) Thanks.

Steph Fletcher's picture

Sure thing Robyn! I will ensure your name is on the list, the first edition is set to go out later next month :)

Hi Steph

mum2jj's picture

I live in Cairns so even less chance of me attending. It would be great to have access to something like this in Regional Australia. I would love to hear how this all works out.
Paula :)

Hi Steph

Michelle R's picture

What a great idea.  Would you please add my name to your list for the monthly newsletter?  I am also in Queensland so cannot get to meetings.  Thank you.

Michelle R :)


Steph Fletcher's picture

Absolutely Michelle, I have your name down to receive the newsletter! Have a wonderful day :)


mumflo's picture

Ah the tryanny of distance,  sign me up for the newsletter too please. I'm also from Queensland this sounds like such a great idea. 

Signed up!

Steph Fletcher's picture

Very happy to include you on the distribution list! :)

Hi Steph

TonyaM's picture

Can you sign me up for a newsletter and I'll share it around my bc support group. Tonya xx

On the list!

Steph Fletcher's picture

Hi Tonya, sounds great - have added your name to the list. Have a wonderful day :)

shelli's picture

Hey Steph, I would love to be added to the list - i am actually in Melbourne and might come and check it out depending on my "wellness" at that point. But on another note - I might be able to help you bring your message to a broader audience onlline..i am new to the BCNA forums, but i will be here for a whiile as my diagnosis is a lifetime one.. But I am also a digital mover and shaker.. so here to help where I can.  So message me and we could chat and see what your plans are at sometime soon! :-) x

me too!

HazelB's picture

hi Steph, i'd like to be added to your email list too - i'm in QLD and its been a long time since my initial diagnosis, and similar to shelli have advanced to the next stage. i am always interested in wellness so would enjoy keeping up to date. i think its a fantastic initiative, and so powerful to bring such positive energy to this journey xox

Hi Hazel!

Steph Fletcher's picture

Thanks for your feedback. We are so pleased to be able to include you on the list :)

Hi Steph

Johjoh's picture

Good News!
I live near Taylors Lakes so I will be ringing to register. I'm starting my radiation next week so I'm hoping I am able to attend and the time doesn't clash with my radiation treatment.

Hi Johjoh

Steph Fletcher's picture

Fingers crossed I'll see you at the information day! :)

Johjoh's picture

Can't make it! It clashes with my radiation treatment

Hi Steph.

mum2jj's picture

I should have said in my post please add me to the list. Thanks
Paula :)

Hi Paula!

Steph Fletcher's picture

Sure thing, you are on the list! :)


jenpen's picture

Sounds fabulous!

Sadly, even further away - lower sth west WA! Would love to receive the e-newsletter please....and best of luck with the launch!

Jenny x

Hi Jenny

Steph Fletcher's picture

Sorted :)


Celtie's picture

Could you add me to the list as well?  I am also in Sydney at Lifehouse.  Am very interested, would love to be in Melbourne attending this.



Hi Celtie

Steph Fletcher's picture

Your name has been added! :)

Daina Jones's picture

Wow......what a response Steph!

For those who haven't already indicated to Steph that you are interested in receiving email communication about the Active and Well initiative. Can I suggest you send Steph Fletcher a private message with your email details and she can add you to the list. This way she doesn't miss any of you out.

Also, for those not in and north western suburbs of Melbourne you can visit the Excercise and staying fit page on our website for information and resources to help you along the way -

Good luck :-)


An invitation for you all X

Steph Fletcher's picture

Hello and good morning! I hope you are all having an incredible start to the day. Thrilled to let you know content for the first edition of the Active and Well After Breast Cancer e-newsletter has been developed and is now in the design phase, so keep an eye on your e-mails next week!

I also wanted to let you know there are other ways you can be involved in Active and Well, and that is through our new online network group. For anyone seeking support and information about improving health and wellness after a diagnosis of breast cancer, we encourage you to join the BCNA 'Get Active and Keep Well' online group. Join the group here Steph X

Access Denied

VivW's picture

Hi Ladies, I received your email on 26/09, but when I tried to join I got a message Access Denied? Can you help?



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