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Posted by Daina Jones in BCNA, on 12 Dec 2013, 01:26PM

For those who missed it - Ten Eyewitness News in Sydney ran a story last night about women discovering the power of online support following a diagnosis of breast cancer.

The news story featured our very own BCNA online network member Louise Turner and BCNA Board member Megan Hutchins.

You can view the video here:

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I saw it last night in Sydney.It once again reinforces the importance of the support for ladies that this network provides.I love it!!!!:)

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Well done BCNA, and well done Louise.

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You know, if anyone gets me started on the topic of blogging I just cant stop talking. I had a 20 min interview and spoke about some benefits of blogging in this community, but it didnt make it to air.............Things like how distance is irrelevant in an online space, how people find each other and can support each other when things get really tough, how it is the nature of women to connect and chat, how the community environment is so supported and positive and yet the topics can be so sad and emotional.

The gorgeous young woman featured in the story who is starting chemo this week has a very special blog if you get a chance to see it. Boob Schmoob. And at 31 is just so so young. But what grace she has dealing with her situation.

Thanks BCNA for the opportunity. XXXLouie

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We were so disappointed that we didn't get to see more of you in the piece, Louise! I'm so sorry you took all of that time out of your time to talk about something you're so passionate about and they cut it down by so much :(

Thank you so much for being involved though - we so appreciate you always being available to fly the flag for such an important issue. You are doing such a fantastic job, and any media we can do to let other women know about this resource and support that is available to them and their families can only be a good thing!

Thank you again,
Thea x


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I missed it live, but just saw it.  Excellent job Louise.  I agree, I am more than happy to talk about it, and happy to become involved with BCNA locally, attended the meeting here in Launceston, to see what they do.  Will be amongst it next October, for sure!  Thats the fund raising month!  X Bel

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Hey Bel, did you see your face on there too? Good work XXX 

I saw me too!

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I was on the front of the BCNA Website shot heee heee, with one of my message!  One second of fame hey! xx Bel

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Louise did a great job, didn't she Bel!

Great to know you're keen to be involved down in Launceston too!

Let us know if there's anything we can ever do to help :)

Thea x


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Missed it live, but just watched it now. Well done Louie, shame the good bits often end up on the cutting room floor. However it's great to get word out about BCNA. and the support available here. I wish I had accessed it more in my previous diagnosis, however have been more than making up for it lately.
Paula :)

Well done Louise

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Just watched the clip now. You did a great job Louise. Thanks.


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