Hi everyone

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Posted by TheresaW in South East QLD support, on 27 Jan 2014, 01:34PM

Just wanted to introduce myself,I have posted a couple of blogs on the main site & in the Triple Negative group but first here. I was diagnosed 10th December & have had 2 surgeries since then with my 1st oncologist appt this Fri. Unfortunately I only got out of hospital yesterday from an infection I got from the drain I have in from the auxillary clearance surgery early last week. I'm starting to feel a lot better thank goodness.

I have found this site to be very therapeutic to read others experiences as I'm still so early in my journey. Thinking of you all.




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Welcome! I am not triple negative,but whatever we are,we have a common thread don't we.I just finished chemo 5 weeks ago now,and have started Tamoxifen.I am very fortunate,in that I am feeling really great! I definitely remember the wait between surgery and actually getting to talk to the oncologist.Once that has happened,I am sure you will find some actual relief,as you will have your plan then.I am glad you are starting to feel better,after your infection also.Like you,I found this site so helpful in the beginning,and I still do.I think that no one really understands the importance of this network,unless they have actually had BC.In a short while,you will be on here,reassuring more new ladies,just like yourself now.Take care,and try and keep your mind busy until Friday! Big hugs from Robyn.xoxo

Hi Theresa

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Welcome!  I am a triple negative and had mastectomy and auxillary clearance on 20/11/2013 I have had one round of chemo and due for second round this Friday. 

I jumped on this site like you straight after my surgery and have been very supported during the stress of waiting to see my oncologist etc.  I have received excellent advice and if it wasn't for the lovely ladies here I don't know that I would be as calm about this situation as I am.  The waiting and anticipation of each step is the worst part. 

I am glad that you have found the ladies blogs helpful so far and you can rest assured that you are not alone.  

Like Robyn said once you have seen your oncologist on Friday you will feel much better about the whole thing.  You will have your plan and know that you are in excellent hands.

Look after yourself.


Joy xx

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i know this is off topic a bit; but there seems to be so many experiences with infection on this site--last thing you want is more complications; however 5 people i know who all went into hospital inthe last year for broken bits or surgeries have all picked up infections--this is all anedoctily but wonder if there is more infection rates ?


All the best for tomorrow

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Hi Theresa,
Hope you're continuing to feel better from the infection. All the best with your appointment tomorrow . I'm sure you'll find while it's a bit daunting , it's good to get a forward plan that you can get on with.
I'll be thinking of you and sending warmest and best wishes :)
X Karen

Thanks everyone

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Have just written my list of questions for the Oncologist tomorrow otherwise my mind will go blank when I get there.

Still have the pesky drain in but infection has gone, fingers crossed that was the 1st & last infection.


Hi Theresa

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Thinking of you and hope everthing goes well today with your oncology appointment. 

Big hugs

Joy xx

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