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Posted by Mareeb in HER2+, on 19 Jan 2014, 01:22AM

I am 39 yrs old and was diagnosed with her2 breast cancer in June 2013 when our 'surprise' bub was only a couple of weeks old. By the time she was three weeks old I was into chemo. My tumour was 10cm with one lymph node involved. After 8 rounds of chemo I have had a mastectomy. The surgeon has given me the results but I don't know what it all means and he didn't seem happy. I am speaking to the oncologist on Monday after waiting for a week for her to return from holidays. The tumour had shrunk to 6cm but I had live cancer in 4/27 lymph nodes. A minuscule amount but still it was there. From what I can gather having this result is not fantastic. We were shrinking tumour to get clear margins for surgery but I don't think thought counted on finding it in the lymph nodes. Monday is going to take a long time to get here. He said he got all the cancer but what if it has spread further? I did have full body scans before chemo and they were clear but how accurate are they? I am sure no one can give me any answers except the oncologist but would be nice to know I suppose if there is anyone out there who has had a similar story to mine.


Hi Maree

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I am so sorry that you are going through all this when it should be such a happy time for you with a lovely new bub to enjoy.

Waiting for appointments to find out more is one of the big challenges of this process. It is so hard to stop our minds from leaping around and imagining all sorts of scenarios.

The fact that your tumor shrank considerably has to be good. It means that your cancer responded to the chemo. Chemo killed many, many cancer cells for you and the fact that your scans were clear before hand is also very good news. No new cancer cells are likely to have grown while the chemo was busy killing them.

Many of us have received the news that there were cancer cells in the lymph nodes. I had it in 5 of mine. But just remember these were microscopic and have now been removed. As your surgeon has told you, the cancer is gone. There are many ladies who go onto lead healthy lives after treatment for similar cancer situations. Your oncologist will have a plan that will best suit your situation.

Wishing you all the best for Monday. I am sure you will feel better once you know more about what is next in the plan for you. Take care and let us know how you go. Deanne xxx

Hello Maree:)

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I am not in the same situation as you.but I do agree with what Deanne has said. The fact that the cancer has shrunk,and your body scans were CLEAR! This is a really good thing.Time after time on here,so many ladies will say how the waiting was the worst part.Monday is nearly here Maree,so try and keep yourself busy today.I am sure you are always busy with a gorgeous little baby;) Wishing you all the best for tomorrow,and once you have your plan,you will be able to start getting yourself organised for whatever you need to do.Let us know how you go,and remember there is always someone on here,24/7 to connect with,whenever you need advice,help or just a chat!! Sending you a big cyber hug.xoxo. Robyn

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Thanks ladies. We are spring cleaning all the cupboards in the house so I will certainly be busy today especially as it involves the big girls cupboards. Our 12 and 8 year old are less enthusiastic regarding our cleaning. I think it's been therapeutic to do so getting rid of the cancer. Ok let's get rid of this stuff and move onto the next stage...basically. I am in limbo land I supposed as the plan was surgery and radiation but not sure of the plan now. As you say only one more day and hopefully my oncologist will not be surprised by the result and she will be her usual positive self!!! Thanks again.....Maree x

Hi Maree

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I see you found the 'All Posts' section. Perhaps I should have read those before reading my messages :)

When I was diagnosed and met with my surgeon, my plan was for a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation and, after the initial devastation of the diagnosis, I thought the plan wasn't too bad. I was relieved I wouldn't need chemo or anything else. But after the lumpectomy results came in, that plan was turned on its head. I was given the news that I would need 6 months of chemo and a further 9 months on Herceptin and 5 years on hormone therapy AND a mastectomy. I couldn't get my head around it all at first. I was shattered! But you do what you have to do don't you. And now the worst is over for me with just the Herceptin and hormone therapy to go. I am so grateful to live in an age that when early BC is detected, it is very treatable. I'm living my new normal now and loving life.

All the best for your journey Maree. Wishing you wellness.

Janey xxx

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Thanks Janey. Yes, it certainly does turn your life on its head! I have a book from my surgeon that my husband has read and I haven't. He said it explains so much and has a good title anyway......Breast Cancer - Taking Control. So will stick my head in that today and it may explain some things on my histology report. Either way the poor oncologist is going to be hit with a long list of questions tomorrow! I too am on herceptin once radiation is finished I will be on tablets for five years too. I have read a lot of good things about herceptin and so glad that we have it. I have thought so many times how lucky I am to be in this day and age and have access to all these things. Maree x

Good literature!

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I got the 'My Journey' kit from BCNA not long after my diagnosis but didn't read it for a while. But when I did I found it invaluable. I did start using 'Google' too much and cut that out when all I read was bad news stories. Too much overload and fear in that. I kept to the recommended sites from then on.

It's good you are armed with your question for the oncologist. Have you written them down? I found that even when I had written my questions down, I forgot half of them when at my appts. Luckily my husband was with me and reminded me to 'read' my notes. He also asked questions I didn't even think of. He has been such a wonderful support for me.

Stay focus on the positive things Maree. Though there will be times when you are very down and you should let your feelings out and have a good cry. You can also get on here and post your feelings and you'll be surprised how quickly you'll feel better reading all the lovely replies you get from this amazing network of women. I'm sorry I didn't start until months after my diagnosis. You'll also start supporting other 'newbies' and that makes you feel just wonderful being able to give back.

Let us know what the oncologist says and keep taking this one day at a time.

Love Janey xxx

Another waiting game

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its been awhile since I have been here but thank you ladies for your comments. It always makes you feel better. I was given the all clear after my surgery and have had my radiation. I've had my ct scan and much to everyone's surprise there are small nodules on my right lung. It's were I had radiation but it's not presenting like radiation scar apparently. They are too small to biopsy and they don't know what they are so I have to wait 9 weeks to rescan to see if it is cancer. I'm hoping we will do the rescan at 6 weeks. I'm wondering whether anyone else has had things show up on scans that turn out to be nothing.




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