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Posted by KatRoberts in HER2+, on 21 Jul 2013, 12:14PM

I was diagnosed with triple positive BC in August 2011' and have had 4 FECS, 25 rads, 12 taxols, and finished my years worth of herceptin in may this year. I am finally starting to get my life back and feel "normal" again. I honestly didn't realise how tired and crappy I have felt over the last 18 months until it has all stopped..
Finishing herceptin was scary though. My safety net of treatment has now finished, and I just have to hope and pray that it has worked, and I will continue to be cancer free.
Next step is my reconstruction.. Booked for 30 August..


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You certainly should feel different after the reconstruction. Hope you are pleased with the results.

For me 7 years after surgery and still on Arimidex, i know there are still better and worse days as I occasionally suffer from chemo or is it something else brain when i am stressed and search for words.
I have had to learn to adapt to my new normal which changed forever with surgery then treatment for my triple positive cancer returning to part time work with much higher medical costs yet again when diagnosed with lymphoedema and again recently when finally separated.

My motto has always been keep your chin up to which I have added " do what you can and can what you can't"

Hi carol

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I can understand what you mean with learning to deal with the new you. I get very stressed at times and confused, I blame the 'chemo brain" but it is probably just ME.
I was the treasurer of a women's group, but when this happened to me in November last year, I had to take a break, couldn't cope and have treatment every 3 weeks. They are expecting me to take it over again this October, but I am in the process of typing them a letter to tell them I can't cope with it yet. My treatment finishes in November other than tamoxifen for five years, but this new me is not the confident old me, I need more time to adjust. I am not even a year after surgery yet, so reading that you still have the odd problem 7 years on makes me feel it is ok for me to be like this.
I wish you well in your future life and hope you don't have any more hurdles to cross, as you have been having.
Keeping that chin up attitude does help and I like your new motto that you have added to it. You can only do what you can!! Which is what a good friend once told me and it is true

Best of luck

X Jill




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